[Various Compilation] ±vMcÇ - 🜏🜒🜓🜒🜏[of0]

Heya all, here’s a single I did for this summer compilation… alien vibes, but in a sort of Autechre way…? you be the judge, and thanks for maybe checking it out…

be a great day


Hey yo, there’s no link

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Oopps too excited? Lol yeah forgot thanks for letting me know

Great track, thanks for sharing!

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Thanks, glad to know someone enjoyed it

Yooooo this is killer! Love the phasing going on the wavetable stuffs. Keep on rocking!

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Good stuff man! Glad you included a beat my brain could follow or all those glitches would have left it utterly confused :laughing:

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Glad you enjoyed that bit, I sat here twiddling some pots, and had to redo the take about 4 times haha :metal:t5:

Too funny, yeah man I think my love of glitching things out has kinda calmed down. Thanks for your wonderful comment here.

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