[Variety of Dnb, Nudisco, and House] James Pingel - What I've been working on while you were gone

I thought about spamming a bunch of posts for each song, but that didn’t feel fair, so I’ll give a short description of each song below. I have been making it a point to put out one song a week right now because I was sitting on like 10 finished tracks that I haven’t put out because I keep telling myself I’m going to shop them to labels but I’m working two jobs and school so really that’s not gonna happen and I need to just put them out before I hate them and hide them forever. A large chunk of these names are just the project names I use, I really want to just make music and not worry about the marketability of it. All that said, LET’S FUCKING GOOOOOOO!!!

I’ve been hanging out at the Dogs on Acid forum off and on, and they do a monthly production challenge. This was done for one of those challenges and the only criteria was to make the song “weird”. So I used resonant filters on noise to make a chord sound, additive synthesis for a kinda different bass sound, and then chopped up some japanese vocal samples in the second half for a melody.

This one was a nudisco track I started working on shortly after getting my OB-6. I think the original sound got replaced at some point, but the vibe never did. This just never really fit with other stuff I was doing so it never got it’s time to shine, until now.

This is another DOA special, they had a challenge of making a song using only samples from the Music 2000 vidoegame. I shared that version somewhere, but I went back after the challenge was over to put a more modern kick and bass in, left everything else alone though. It’s a house song with a bunch of nature sounds, good times.

This is this month’s DOA special actually, had to make a song in a non-4/4 time signature. I set FL studio to 7/12 and then added back in some 4/4 beats. It’s a nice song though I don’t love the way the drum buss compression turned out.

This is another DOA special, from January I think. This was actually a winner, cool track. I think the scenario was you had to make a beat to play in the club from Die Hard that would get all the bad guys dancing and distracted so Bruce Willis could do his thing. I shared it before, but it was unmastered, and I have since added it to my youtube.

Yes, these do all have the same background and it was generated by AI. Did I mention I want to focus on the music?

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Nice background , I’m also started using Ai for cover design.
I liked Wabaloo the most, because it 160 bpm or something. The least likes got a nudisco track because it was somewhat slow or I just don’t liked notes that you was using. Also maybe I heard it before. Track that you made from samples of old videogames also I heard before but it was better than nudisco. Other track’s from DOA are ok.

I wish you happy producing

I also edit the results obtained from artificial intelligence, like I add the title of the release. Haha

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Holy shit, your output is getting insanely good. Sounds completely indistinguishable from a legit release, IMO. M2K is very vibin’, along with Happiness Machine, but I genuinely like all of them.

There used to be a kind of bridge or lull in your tracks where layers would kind of trail off, but it sounds like you’ve done a lot of work to tie up those loose ends and really solidify what you’re going for. Everything sounds so straight and to-the-point now that it’s like listening to another artist entirely.

I don’t know how you leveled up, but these are really good. The production is solid as well, of course, but that part was always there. Hope to hear lots more!

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Thanks guys. If I had to pick a weakest track here I would pick Disco 08 too. It doesn’t feel finished to me, but I don’t have further plans for it either.

If anything has changed with my music recently, it would have to be that all these tracks (except Disco 08, which is from August 2022) were done in 1-2 weeks with all my latest and greatest strats. Most of the time when I bring music to IDMf, it’s something I’ve already been working on for months if not years. So when I bring this stuff, you’re kind of jumping forward in time about 2 years from projects I’ve been working slow and steady on in the background. AND, because these are done so fast, they don’t have a lot of extra fat on them - no second or third bassline that I need a bridge so I can show it off or anything like that. Just enough to make 3 minutes of music not boring.

I’m still working on some of that older stuff, but none of those songs have ALL of the tricks that I’m using here, so some things might sound like a backward step as they work their way out. I still want to finish them because there are good ideas in all of the songs, and some of them might be a new favorite song of someone’s if I give them a chance.


What are you going to do with that Disco 08 track??? :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :stuck_out_tongue:

Good stuff all around, but I especially enjoyed the M2K track, def label-release-worthy imho. The japanese vocal cuts and the additive bassline in the first track are really cool, too - I can hear an absolute banger in there. Looking forward to more DNB stuff from you! :smiley:

I’m gonna start at the bottom because why not.

Happiness machine: Good mix, nice track. Not my style, but I can certainly appreciate it.

Time sig: This one needs some more modulation in the synths I find everything sounds a bit too static.

M2k: I like the integration of the wildlife sample (monkeys?) But I think it’s really overused. I wouldn’t have it start the track, I would have it come in sparingly and used as a hook/anchor, then I would be able to appreciate it more. With this type of sample, I should be wanting to hear it more, anticipating it entry, not the opposite. Mix sounds great, would probably do something with the bass a bit more. Has great potential.

Disco: kick is too loud compared to the pad and sounds like it has reverb on it? The overall feel is a bit floundering but i do get disco vibes. A bit more progressive though.

Thanks for sharing!