Valhalla Delay

As a few of you might be aware, im a huge SoundToys fanboi, and Echoboy is used in nearly every production of mine, but I just bought Valhalla Delay and well…

just go get it.

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I saw Echoboy on sale for $49 recently and was like …nah…gonna wait for Valhalla DSP. I really shouldn’t but 100% buying it when a paycheck drops tonight…

Sorry, which?

Oh Valhalla :slight_smile:

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Only just noticed tonight on twitter that it had been released, playing around with the demo now in a few old projects and like what i’m hearing, actually i don’t like what I’m hearing i love what I’m hearing.:wink:


Oooof…I have avoided paying full price for many a moon for plugs but this plug seems…awesome. Vintage Verb was pretty sweet too but I have so many reverbs I can safely avoid it. But I may have to dig deep into my beer money for this.

Few people on slutz were complaining about the noise so sean did an update, when in reality the noise is part of the charm like most old hardware delays, the plugin models BBDs/Tape as well as other modes but in these two modes the idiots demand pristine :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: ludicrous.

Between ValhallaDelay, Echoboy and U-he Colourcopy my delay armoury is sorted.

and before anybody asks about ValhallaDelay v Echoboy, VD can get a lot more dirty due to the noise feature that echoboy doesn’t have.

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Hm, Colourcopy is one i have not checked out. Downloading Demo now. It is “only” BBD though…so VD wins so far for flexibility for me atm.

Colourcopy is not like the other delays it’s does it’s own thing, not sure what it’s doing most of the time I just turn knobs until I get something I like.

Kush Gold Plate reverb is half price over the Easter holidays, they must be feeling the heat of the awesome ValhallaDelay.
$199 reduced to $99 still too expensive in this day and age.

Full price of $50 for Valhalla products is practically giving it away IMO.

Wait, wait, GS was actually complaining that something sounded too accurate…color me NOT surprised…those boys just love to find something to complain about…

FWIW U-he Satin can get some pretty dirty delay going…probably going to wait until the end of the month to pick up Valhalla Delay though, found out Paradox and Reid Speed are coming to Columbus, OH and some friends already have an air BnB two blocks from the venue and DJ gear with a PA being setup at the air BnB…so making a weekend of it…

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Ive been getting really inspired by Alessandro Cortini as of late, i came up with this little work-in-progress last night and its got ValhallaDelay all over it, once the sequence comes through all that sonic mess i like how ValhallaDelay makes it sound so vintage with the wow/flutter

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Gorgeous even!

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