V a p o r w a v e | a e s t h e t i c




I’ve always been a fan of the visual side of this. Here’s a cool Instagram profile: https://www.instagram.com/circlecirclemath/


Whoa, that’s some killer material. Love that guys style, nice share!


Very tasty… thank you for sharing.


Very slick production. A little trite… and not loving the Screwed part… or was that just my WIFI with a finger on the turntable?

That sexy voice is hard to forget…


Yeah, I dig Vaporwave too. I do not spend much time searching for the latest and greatest but here are a things I have found over the past year or so:

Just found these guys today because of this thread, the whole discography is name your price right now: https://gulfaudiocompany.bandcamp.com/






i’d love to know the origin story of the whole vaporwave ordeal. it seems like the tone and visual aesthetic has leaked into a number of other genres.


A good watch :slight_smile:


damn I got hooked because of the donkey kong underwater theme. What the fuck is happening I think I’m getting old


Haha, I think part of the appeal / (parody)? of vaporwave is the nature of primordial internet technology. Nostalgia… I’m only in my 30s, but I totally get a sense of “i’m old thats why I dig this” vibe.


Not entirely vapor… retrowave?