Using choas for ambient music


Right so my question here is has anyone heard choas being introduced into a peice of music that was effective in instilling ambience?

Ive tried to do this but the result effect was just a feeling of meh…for it didnt vibe.


I don’t know how I missed this and just got it in my suggested topics. Seems like there’s got to be at least one twentieth century serial/concrete piece that could qualify in some way. I like the idea for sure.


Choatic ambient vaetxh glitch…hmm sounds like a good idea…ill try it for my end of 2022 awm.


Greetings for this article… Shafaullah Khan Rokhri


I’m a huge fan of using attractors, chaos and noise sources galore. Hell, even Plugin Boutique’s Radio (it literally just plays internet radio stations as a VST) can be used to modulate stuff with a basic envelope follower.

The best way to use stuff like this is (IMO) like salt; most of the time, all you really need is a splash. But if you’re modulating an oscillator’s frequency, for example, you can run it through a quantizer and really ramp up those values if you just want it to go nuts (you can easily do something like this in Vital, for example, using the global quantize feature and the Perlin noise modulators) like a cat walking across your keyboard.

Nowadays a lot of VSTs even have a ‘drunk’ or random-walk modulator, which are just other ways to introduce chaos sources into your music without really having to think about it much. But, for those who do a lot of stuff like this, even a sample & hold can be seen as a RNG or random value generator, so that’s kind of a similar idea.

I could go even deeper if provoked because it’s so much fun, but I get this feeling that’s a bit too dorkish for this discussion so I’ll stop there, lol.


@Slime Keep going… : D

Its Primo content…stuff is more valuable than cat memes…


Well in that case, I think the best part is using chaos or noise for all of your triggers (including envelope generators), possibly even in the context of an entire song being triggered by different chaos sources (or different places along the timeline of the noise / chaos sources). And then also being able to use those same sources as note CV and other things (maybe different parts of your FX chain, opening and closing filters, etc)

Thankfully there are a lot of ways to sync these to the beat and even pipe them out to the DAW from wherever you’re doing this, so it’s still relying on the chaos but kind of organized into a musical context. I really want to make a track like this, possibly hosted by obscure youtube videos or something (IMGXXXX (SFW) if anyone has ever done this trick) because it would never actually use the audio from them, just the amplitude data.

I mean, you can also grab spectral data and all sorts of shit with other plugins (rabbit hole part II: electric boogaloo)…