Underrated vsts, synths, and gear

To me an underrated vst is fls Peak controller…it can be used to create rhythmic fx triggers and modulations…

So what gear, vsts, synths do you think are/is underrated?

Soundgoodizer from FL Studio is a very simple yet surprisingly effective way to bring life to not-so-lively drums. I do use it quite a bit.

I have never used Peak Controller - there’s few FL Studio plugins I actually use. I’ll have to look into it!

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FL Studio native plugins are pretty decent. Time based fx not so much but a lot of other cool stuff. Wave shaper, blood overdrive, peak controller…


Remember when ppl were hating on others for using the stock plug-ins… when the ppl hating were the ones that dropped 1k ohmcide and other third party vst plug-ins cause they were fancy…

Lmao when ppl thought they needed massive to make dubstep…and they didnt…lol.


Yea, I do remember the bougie shit for a minute.

The funny thing about Massive and Dubstep is that it was really all FM8 and a little bit of Absynth if you came from DnB. And even then…yea…there was probably something free you could use too…

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Alchemy…the gui could be better but its coolz


I finally lost all my Alchemy files and can’t install it anymore. Defo miss it.

You talking about the original Alchemy or the more recent Apple spawn?

old one…wasnt aware of apple spawn

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Yeah…the original Camel Audio version was and still is the best, imo. Apple bought them out a few years back and acquired Alchemy in the process…or was it the other way around? :wink:

Wish I could get my hands on some of the old preset packs they used to offer…I bought some, but never got the chance to grab others I wanted to get before they went offline. Still using that synth a lot.

Ableton’s Multiband Dynamics

I only wish it had a 4th band.

Ableton seems to have the most very usable native tools.

I see lots of people dissing the MicroFreak, mostly because of the keyboard, but it’s my secret sauce.

I just saw a lot of random MicroFreak hate this week. Wasn’t sure what that was about since it seems to be pretty popular. I feel like hating on keys on inexpensive synths is low hanging fruit.

Just got this little pack for Reaktor and it packs a pretty huge punch. I think it’s got like 700+ modules in total, and everything has a super low CPU / space footprint and really nice DSP