Underground Techno or not Techno Mix


I listened to this mix on Soundcloud by accident, I appreciated it but I don’t know how to qualify it because it’s not really techno, not house as well, so I’m a bit lost… Can someone help me to analyze this set, please?


There is a lot going on here. Great song selection. I think one could safely generalize this as Techno though. A lot of it is quite dubby, so some Dub Techno. Some of what I would generalize as Progressive (whether its house or techno). Some broken stuff in the very beginning. A lot here might be called Leftfield. Cool stuff.


Oh okay, thanks mate! So I’ll go deeper into leftfield techno!


yea “Leftfield” is a genre @ Juno, Beatport, etc. You’ll find the more unusual stuff there. I quite like pulling some weirder tracks to mix in myself.