Uh oh, the kids have discovered nu metal


What do we call this one, new nu metal?


Gnu Metal


“Forward thinking metal” is apparently 20 years in the past. Hell yeah, we’re in a time loop :slight_smile:

It’s a shame Wayne Static wasn’t here to see this, it also looks like him on the cover which is strange. I’m hoping it’s just an AI emulator who sounds like him, possibly with some cool hologram projection shit. Forward-thinking right back to 2003


man, ya’ll over here hatin while this shit actually catchy as fuck. wouldn’t put it in my playlists though


Mostly I joke about it because I love seeing it come around again, really

Apparently that guy really is wearing a Wayne mask, and it’s the vocalist of Dope. If they actually start making music together I bet that’s actually going to be a pretty cool revival album

Apparently they reworked some old vocal tracks into a new album though, that’s some dedication


Tallah has so many early Slipknot influences for sure.