Types of rooms that are most ideal for a setup

So I’m moving soon here with my brother, and if we can get the spot we just applied to rent we’ll have a decent variety of rooms we could use.

One bedroom is really long but narrow, one is a decent size and almost a perfect square, and then there’s an unnecessarily large kitchen area that could easily double as a large living room or studio but it has a high ceiling and it’s slanted at about a 10-15 degree angle or so.

Just curious about what your guys’ opinions are on types of rooms, and what would be best (or easiest) to work with. All three of the rooms I mentioned have more than enough space for all of our equipment.

Stay as far away from square as possible. I’d chose the space with the slanted roof as that’s going to help break up a lot of reflections between the two most difficult to treat surfaces. If it’s large enough you can even get into diffusion instead of absorption for your treatment. That’s cool because instead of sucking the energy out of the room you just mess up the phase relationships enough that you can’t hear it as reverb anymore, but the sound is still there.

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I’m thinking that large room might be the one, it has a pretty high ceiling and I kinda like the idea of the studio being in the central and most open room in the house too because we’re trying to live and breathe this music stuff as much as possible :slight_smile:

I’d probably go for the kitchen as well, but suggest buying some big pieces of cloth or sheets to cover the music equipment when frying stuff in the kitchen. Airborne grease can mess your stuff up pretty fast.

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If you go for a square room position your setup in one corner. avoid parralel walls


Depends on what you’re doing with it. Mixing/listening from a fixed position =/= recording. If you’re just going to be mixing itb, I’d go for the long room, find your first and maybe second points and treat. Stick a bookcase on the back wall and a couple of nice fluffy chairs back there as well.

If you’re going to be recording as well, I’d go for the big square room and segment it off in a non-square way using movable panels to accommodate micing things up. More work, but it always is when trying to combine recording and mixing in the same space.

Every space is treatable, the ‘best’ space really depends on how much work you’re looking to put into it.

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This is good advice. I use bookcases for sound dampening too, and it works very well.

It’s also a good excuse to buy more books:)

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I have a ton of books but the wall behind my desk is a good bit window/heater and then a wood panel bit I do not want to have to remove right now…I may really have to reconsider my room design though, the subwoofer has absolutely no good place to live. Standing waves are a bitch.

@Balafonman FWIW I would go with the Kitchen room myself, given your situation. Just my 2c, not just because of the good/odd shape but it being so accessible.

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