[Triphop / Pop] Hanna Ghost - Landmines

Here is a little track I have been part of producing. More on the way from this artist soon. Thanks for listening!


That is a pretty tight piece! What was your contribution to it? How did you get involved in it?

personal opinion/preference: there’s something a little off with the vocals in the mix especially in the verse, I think it stands out too much and doesn’t quite fit in the track. it blends much better in the chorus with the processing. the echo, reverb and vocal layers are good maybe I was expecting the robotic effect to be heavier like using a vocoder or something.

solid instrumental otherwise

Really enjoyed instrumental and the vocals! The composition, voice and singing almost has a kind of Portishead-like character at times imho, but the lo-fi 8bit synth- and beatwork makes it sound very original and is a really interesting touch for this! Great work!