Tribal house tips..anyone?

been listening to some tribal house lately and decided to give it a shot myself I managed to get somewhere with accents and syncopation… and cross rhythms…but compositionally and dance wise what i made isnt very engaging…

im not sure maybe im just using the wrong bpm or something…

also just wanted to know if i was correct in applying sync’ed volume lfo’s to looping samples and sidechaining it to a main element or something…??

Can you post an example of what you are going for? I am not sure what constitutes tribal house these days.

For hand drums I like to use insert delays, compression and moving some hits off the grid. Also having multi samples helps a lot.

For house music, generally speaking, engaging is the big trick. I am willing to bet it isn’t so much your percussion patterns as something else.

BPM wise Id say house music is always between 120-128 w some outliers on either extreme.

For dance music I always start with the kick and bass. That’s where the basis of your groove comes from.

Skipping around and listening to the percussion loops Id say a lot of it s almost certainly recorded live hand drumming loops. Much of it doesnt sound programed.

Im not hearing a ton of hard side chaining either (on my phone tho).

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I’ll also add that I’m not a tribal house expert by any means and my suggestions before were just what I tend to do to try and get some funk out of hand drums et al

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