[Trap] Jordan Tariff - Warning Shot (Cardinal Roy Remix)

my first time posting here rather than the listening booth, there’s always room for improvement but I’m pretty happy how this turned out! feedback is welcomed of course

Great use of stereo space! Fun arrangement! The mix is pretty spot on, few things could’ve been changed, but hey this is a fun jam fasho!

Got me swaying, and bobbing my head! Don’t always listen to this stuff, but feel like you hit the mark here my man!

Thanks for coming through and sharing.

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:smiley: nice, glad to hear that! It’s thanks to you really who made me aware of this stereo separation from your feedback on my previous track. Its game changing knowledge :smiley:

So yea thanks man!

Simple, but effective. Sits well with this voice on top. I like the verses more - I simply don’t like the melody playing in the choruses. Apart from this - the mix sounds good and in general it’s good to listen to!

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thanks for the feedback!