To sale : Nord Modular G2 expanded + extras --- SOLD ---

Hi all, i sale a nord modular G2 expanded. Shows “exp” on start.

I added the expansion card certified by Nord back then.

I sale the G2 with a Moog gig bag, the G2 fits in perfectly.

Moog gig bag

I also give the 3 E-Books created by the master of this instrument, Mr Roland Kuit.

The G2 editor works great on Windows 8 & OSX High sierra (i have both).
For the most adventurous of you guys, there’s a new editor created by some genius fan of the G2.
NMG2 editor
This new editor brings 2 new modules, hidden by Nord originally, but available now !!!
A driver oscillator & a resonator for a kind of physical modelled synthesis.

As i said, the G2 is in amazing condition, not a single scratch.
Every nobs, buttons, pitch stick, mod wheel, 4 in, 4 outs, usb, mic input, power unit works perfectly.
You can do anything & everything with this synth, the only limitation to the creation field is your brain.
It’s got a complete open architecture, any module anywhere on any slot.
It’s a 4 part multitimbral polyphonic synth. 4 ins, 4 outs, 1 mic input.
Am amazing synthesis drum machine, a huge sounding synth, an amazing vocoder, a stunning 96Khz effect processor … as you might have guessed, this instrument is a true beast.
The editor is very easy to use, you just drag & drop any module from the 16 modules categories.
2 independant voice architecture : 1 the synth architecture & 2 the effect architecture.
Only the synth architecture share the voice count so if you use only the effect architecture, you can make it an amazing effect processor with no limit.

Here is the dedicated website for the G2 where you will find millions of patches in any category, tutorials, demos etc etc … G2 forum
Here’s a weird demo of the G2.
Duo Pantomorph
Here i have posted a short demo of mine.
Audio demo

For our dear French readers, here’s the Ad.
Annonce G2
I also sale the G2 with both, original French (very hard to find) & English printed user manuals.
I also printed this amazing document which you’ll get with the parcel.
Rob Hordijk

So now, let’s talk about the price, i’m afraid we have to …
It is a 1st hand, bought 2200 euros, just the synth.
An other 450 euros for the expansion card.
300 euros for the 3 E-Books.
100 euros for the gig bag.
So it’s a total amount of 3050 euros.

You can have it for 1500 euros. Via Paypal @
Secure payment for both saler & buyer.
Secure parcel service anywhere in Europe.

Peace to you all.

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