Tips on growing a YouTube channel?

I wonder if any of you is running a YouTube channel (especially a music-related one) with some following / a channel that is growing.

Any tips on growing your subscribers and starting from zero? What got you going?

(Apart from good quality content, consistent posting, and stuff like that - which is quite obvious).

Also, we can extend this - if not a YouTube channel, what are other places that you recommend for getting your stuff out? (apart from Soundcloud + I mean the digital world - not gigs, etc.)

I don’t have that many subscribers to my channel due to minimal content but Instagram has been my best tool in getting YouTube views and follows. Post a snippet of your video on Instagram, tag it properly, link your YouTube URL in your profile description, you’ll pick up a few every time you post. I’m doing live jam stuff on mine and the tag that has worked the best for me is #dawless.


Definitely tags. Tag your videos until you’re blue in the face and leave nothing out. Another thing that has helped me in the past is to make seemingly specific tutorials for things that didn’t exactly exist yet on YT; the views just snowballed above 10,000 on such specific videos (which isn’t a lot for some people, but for me was definitely a shit-ton)

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I think it depends on what the content of the channel is but from what I’ve heard from others running successful channels is that a good way to start is once you’ve good some good quality stuff ask people who are a stage ahead if you could do something together or something that could help you pool resources together. Worst case is you ask a stranger and they say no or ignore you, best case you grow your channel and probably make some new connection in the process. Some ideas off the top of my head are (Can I remix your track, can we make a video together.) This is very much a you scratch my back I’ll scratch yours situation so make your you have something to offer and be genuinely enthusiastic about who your connecting don’t just do it to further your own stuff. People can tell when your sincere and its a really appealing thing. We are all human at the end of the day and most people are quite happy to be contacted… apart from me, never ever contact me. I’m too bitter and hateful :slight_smile:

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