Tidal - Streaming service

I almost forgot the reason I popped back into the forum to discover the new look. Ive been using this myself and on my second run for free, so have a few friends and surprised it’s still live.
6 Months Tidal use for free - not a bad promo, Im not a huge fan as Ive got a huge online collection of music myself and there’s plenty of other providers out there that I keep flicking between for free.

6 months free trial link:

Ive personally found this a little too orientated towards american rap music, however theres shit loads on there for all from many genres, Im sure there’s plenty on there that may not represent IDM but worth checking out for free. :slight_smile:

Finally I can hear Beyonce in FLAC

Actually I could see this being pretty cool for someone who doesn’t have Spotify or something similar to try out

How’s their selection of black metal? :slight_smile:

Darn good. Listening to Amorphis …

Bandcamp is still way move kvlt than spotify will ever be. All you get on streaming services is the polished, glossy shit

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