Thread about spectral morphing tools

i have dtblkfx which is the only free one i know of, but im not happy with it, i know harmor can do some stuff, but i lost/forgot a few things when i decided to purge everything and as a result i had to start over but anyways what spectral morphing tools do you use/ recommend?

would prefer free vsts…but if the free stuff is lacking are lacking ill just bite the bullet

Not free, but SpecOps

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Best tools for spectral moprhing I have found so far are Zynaptiq Morph, for morphing between two sound sources, and Wormhole. Both are relatively expensive, though.
Unfiltered Audio SpecOps is interesting and flexible, but I use it mostly for lo-fi effects.
Melda MMorph and MTransformer are nice tools with a lot of flexibility, but when I compare Zynaptiq Morph to Melda MMorph Zynaptiq sounds much better to me in most cases.

The only free tool I still use is dtblkfx.

With regard to synths, not sure what to recommend here, maybe give Infinite Pro and Thorn a try, those have some interesting spectral tricks, but are very different tools.

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