Thoughts on Cymatics Sample Packs? Vocal Male/Female Packs?

I personally just bought a vocal deluxe pack, vocal essential pack and future drum sounds pack.

Mainly because I’ve never done this in the past to rep a specific point but I can see a neg in some regards.

What are your thoughts? To be fair, I did sort it out because of vocal stuffs so, if that’s found elsewhere, especially through the community, that’d be awesome.

Not to pidgeon hole anyone but I know people like @vlantis and @Roo_Stercogburn specifically have some type of vocal samples from their own private stuffs. You have to. Beyond the male side, I don’t know if many if any female vocalists. I know we had members at one point, buy vocal-wise a neg. Obviously female tones are heavy in electronic music.

Curious where you at, my people. I’m not calling out female members. If you prefer your silence, go for it. But I know us EM/IM people would love some good stuff.

So besides, the Cytomic Vocal Packs, what other packs, maybe do you people have?

I feel that with packs, loads of people are using the same samples and that cheapens the effect. I even feel that way with vocal VSTs; they’re super cool if you can use them originally, but most people are using them in the same context as you. It’s like everybody hired the same vocalist at the same time and then… what?

Personal preference, of course. Many people buy them, and for a reason.

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Try Fiverr if you want some original vox that you own.

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I agree to the severity that they’re already used or worked with. @xFREDxDURSTi also employ you to through stuff out. Packs or one shots or whatever. :crazy_face:

I know you’re a vocalist too.

While some of us are limited derper-folk.

@relic I’ll check that out. I still have a ton of other stuffs to check

And at the end of the day, I know there are YouTube versions of stuff that can be used. Burial used plenty of those versions of real songs to vocalize his stuff.

yeah, and it can be more flexible and just collaborative in general. There are enough of people there who offer vocalist services, from people who only own usb mic to vocalists with a full studio equipment.

me and @xSANTAxDURSTx once looked into fiverr for some metal vocals, here’s what I noticed.

The bottom-tier is those who actually do stuff for $5, at least some got their showreel attached so you can skip them if it sounds awful. But $5 vocals sound like $5, big surprise. The general rule, you pay more you get better results. Many of them offer 3 plans and the cheapest one (works as an intro pack) is always something like 30 seconds of them singing, single-track and “no commercial use”. So if you’re planning to release an album you need to go for plan B or C and it can be something like $50-$200, depends on fiverr seller.

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I don’t use sample packs at all unless you count the various choirs in Kontakt. It’s far too much fun not to do my own stuff. The limitation is of course if I can’t do it myself, I don’t get to use it in my songs. I’m comfy with that though. A great voice is good to hear but I tend to associate most of the traditional voice stuff with the big bland sound of mainstream media so I don’t miss it, and the side benefit is my stuff sounds different right out of the starting gate.

Not saying better, just different :smile:

Of course. I wasn’t suggesting going for the actual $5 vocals.

The whole situation really depends on what you are looking for. In the dance music world there are vocals that people have been rinsing for 30 years now and no one cares because they are classics and every artist tries their hands at them like the Limb by Limb vocal in Jungle or The House that Jack Built vocal in house. My meaning being–I wouldn’t think twice about using a vox from a sample kit if it worked well in a dance track.

OP you are talking about a wide variety of different things here. If you are looking for some nasal-y generic R&B vocals to pitch around like Burial you might choose to pay a bit of money just to get a clean vocal you dont have to cut from a youtube rip. If you want something understandable, well done and that you own out right you’ll have to pay or find someone to collab with for free.

Recently I’ve started just doing my own chants etc, it just so happens pitched down male vocals are big right now in tech house so I record my own right off the tiny little Skype mic in my laptop.

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I actually pulled the trigger on some stuff from them. First time I’ve ever bought vocal stuffs. We’ll see where that goes. I know simply putting phrases in, unless butchered will result in someone catching them. But I guess it’s more of an impulse/never really did vocal-y stuff in my tracks before. Maybe more to feel it out more than anything.

May be a waste but if I can crop some quality stuffs out of it, that’d be nice. Again, you sent me down a lofi path @relic when I was afk from forum, so I’m exploring that a bit. Or attempting to at least.

And thanks for the replies.