This is version 1.1 new and improved, say hello!


I am back here, again, I was here during the 13-19 volumes of IMDf releases. must of been over 10 years ago, I had to start fresh – I guess, loosing the ID I had and all those 50 posts or more-- yeah it is not a bother — I like this ID better I guess ---- seems that my email was not recognized so you guys probably purged the non-active accounts np —

I was just starting my uploads to soundcloud back then. I am at about 6639 music? uploads there and like a thousand less uploads of videos at youtube-- my ID at youtube and soundcloud is “h92o” I might of been that ID as well here I don’t even remember-

I hope to get to add sound effects and stuff like that, stuff for sampling or sample-editing to the works and songs. (of course that will probably not happen). anyway. I will be here about the forum for now, maybe lurking and liking from here to there–

say hello. 000 sure, Hello


The Great Fall of '18

Entire IDMf server failure. No backups.

This is now IDMf 2.0.


There is no I in IDMf.


WeDMf. kinda has a ring to it.

Anyway, welcome to the forum 1.1!


New version for a new IDMf, welcome!


but there is an I in meat pie.


And that’s the anagram of team…