This is the worst but i love it: discuss

i’m calling in my og status here to put this in the studio because while it is half a shitpost and thus maybe more technically suited to side room bullshit, i’m also dead serious and this is from something i’m actually doing.

gaze in horror friends at my ultra drum parallel “compression” send for this dark power-ambient shit i’m doing.

i did just have 4 but coming back to it i thought “no, this is too gentle.” so i duped em all once again and behold, the limiter centipede, into which you put a normal sounding ableton suite drum kit and out of which you get a sausage with an absurd amount of sustain and a lovely crunchy verb tail to compensate for the little bits where the sample doesn’t quite fill the space between notes - this is a fairly slow beat and the idea was to take the nice natural decay of these samples and absolutely fucking shit on them, just defile them in a way that would make any audio engineer immediately blacklist you from ever touching a project they’re on if they were to witness it (hi)

obviously it does what i intend but i expect some of you may not actually be able to read this now through the blind rage with which you wish to strangle me whist screaming exactly why what i’ve done here is bad and i’m bad an i deserve the cold release of thanatos’ grip

please send all hate mail, love letters, and discussion at this webzone ok i love you bye

ps i may add more idk


i wanna hear an example of the sound fuckery

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Ive actually seen several bigger name producer guys on YouTube doing stuff like this. Mr. Bill being one of them. I was surprised initially in seeing the technique but if it sounds good, do it.


it’s definitely one of those things that’s like “i know exactly why this is awful and that’s exactly why i want to do it” techniques. you could really do the same thing just slamming one limiter with clean gain but that’s not as fun or pointless

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i love duplicating the fuck out of an effect and reaching unreasonable extremes, i approve


Couldn’t get it to play on my IPad…:thinking:

Mr Bill does it

He learned it from Woulg

Rob Clouth aka Vaetxh did it on his Libet Tones album


The name for this track is taken from a VST I wrote that forces all audio passing through it to the same amplitude, i.e. it completely erases dynamic range. This has some interesting results: reverbs can’t decay, allowing you to hear parts of the tail that aren’t normally heard; filtered delays dissolve into harmonics normally too quiet to hear; field recordings are flattened so that quiet rustles and loud bangs are equally pronounced."

And recently I found another guy called Meii who does it to

Neat trick, can get some cool results


I think at the end of the day you should and can do anything nutty shit to design a sound or sounds.

I will say, I have no context to the specific image.

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Wtf is the diff between peak and rms…in maximus

Peak I assume is amplitude…and rms=?

Also using compression to change a sine wave to a squarish type wave

^Peak is the maximum amplitude point in any given track, rms is the average.

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took one look at the image and what is this why would you even

Take that reverb wideness down a little mate it’s gonna kill your mix.

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More seriously, that tail end is awesome and I love it.

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oh my god you are so right, what was i even thinking??? so anyway i added another 20 limiters…


Dont Automate every parameter of the limiter in conjunction with other fx by using macros

Dont break that rule :wink:


Don’t automate BPM like a savage while everything is on texture Warp mode in Ableton.

Don’t record the result.


Got it to work this time… borderline ear rape… but interesting… I couldn’t look away (so to speak)

I think if this were glued and then re-tamed with a bit of delay and reverb it could be very rich :face_with_monocle:

This type of thing can be cool in specific scenarios, but most of the time I get better results by doing something a little more selective and manipulative, or simply applying something slightly strange to a signal rather than just making huge, dominating and under-controlled heap of chaos happen.

With that said, letting something like this go on, hitting record and then selectively resampling it is more my speed unless I’m going for an improvised soundscape. As dumb as it sounds, the cool kids have dubbed this “post noise”, and I like it a lot better than regular noise because it’s much more interesting.