This is my first time


So as a long time internet user (even back in the olden days), I should surely have been part of more forums than one by now. But no.

But here I am and pleased to be so. As little more than a complete amateur in the field of music making, I’m hoping to listen to some interesting stuff, get some tips on production and possibly some honest feedback from honest, likeminded, musical wanderers. I hope that I can bring something too but I’m not sure what. Possibly long winded self-referential introductions? I guess we’ll have to wait and see about that. Who knows what might happen? I’m really not sure what will happen.


Well howdy first timer. Long time forum rat here. Best part of the internet imho.

Feel free to message or @ me if you need something (on the mod team)


Pffft. That isn’t long at all. Don’t worry, I want more. Not in a creepy I want to sell your information to the highest bidder kinda way, but more in the I’m just a creepy internet rando who wants to know kinda way.


Welcome MZM, don’t listen to me I’ll cost you too much money :rofl:


Thank Relic. Pleased to meet ya!


I will endeavour to explain myself in the most long-winded way possible in future. Feel free to sell the information - simply cut me in on what I’m sure will be a very small amount of money :cry:


Luckily, I’m in charge of the family finances :wink:


Is that a good thing :rofl: