This is about You (this is not a silly thread)

This is about you…

About me:
Im not a big a deal…low key average person.
Introvert that constantly feels like
rick sanchez c137 meets deadpool.

Im not as interesting as my inner shadow.
And my inner shadow isnt that interesting either

In summary…thats it.

Ok not the direction intended but hey rolling with it anyways.

A while back idmf had a you tag that displayed the user who logged in username…

So a person would use the tag and you would read something like

“Your username” likes strawberries.

It was one of those jokes to make people think they were being talked about.

I made this thread to be a silly thread.
But this thread maybe be better off being a non silly thread.

I seriously need to stay off the internet.

Everyone has problems…ive been there.
No magic words…

Big oops.

Sorry dude.

Jazzyspoon likes strawberries.


Hang on, I got your back

Well, I quit drinking about (nope, exactly to the day now that I’ve realized it) 14 months ago and then proceeded to go through an extremely challenging year due to medical issues, but somehow managed to stay sober through the entire thing. Now that those things have been solved I feel like I’ve been given a second chance at life or something, because it made me realize that I wasn’t really working on myself for the entire decade that I had been drinking and shitposting on idmf.

I still plan to shitpost on idmf though, possibly for another decade if I’m lucky.