Things You Learned Today

For whatever reason I never knew adrenal glands were located at the top of the kidneys. Weird. Is that common knowledge?

What did you learn today?

I learned how not to shitpost with every post


Yeah, I knew that thanks to being a hypochondriac. Your adrenal glands can also go rogue and do all sorts of other shit to you (I might be full of shit, I don’t know).

I learned how to post shit and shit post at the same time

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  • is dubstep lyfe
  • is shitposting lyfe
  • is having feels all there is to lyfe
  • too many existential questions for a music forum
  • no one gives a shit
  • this is spam

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Hitting the Num Lock key twice triggers my KVM switch. Did that accidentally and was confused for a while on wtf just happened. But it’s actually pretty convenient and perfect timing, as the physical buttons are starting to act up.

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Hand sanitizers kill the bacteria but don’t clean your hands. You only end up with a layer of dead bacteria on your skin.

Still better than the layer of grease and grime that covers your hands after travelling on the tube.

An oppositely, most modern soaps don’t really kill bacteria at all, despite popular belief. They just work kind of as a surfactant towards the oils in your hands and cause the bacteria to slough off and stick together in a grime.

Makes me think twice about licking the drain.

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Ah, Faire pipi a la putain! c’est delicieux !

I’m not surprised that’s a Parisian thing.

Avoiding social interaction with people causes problems and if it’s a catch 23 thing then choose to perpetuate the problem that is easier to live with…like not talking to a person…as opposed to getting shit thrown at you because you tried talking…rofl

Youtubed how to debate. Learned something.

Also learning how to not mainsplain

Overthinking can make a person turn into psycho

It makes a person Psychotic because overanalyzing everything a person does and believing in the overanalysis even though the overanalysis maybe logically flawed.

Examples look at politics.

Occams razor.

Learned that some people will fuck with your life just so that they can get emotional revenge…

But tbh feelings arent law. Law is law and it is there so that everyone gets fair treatment.

Is it fairly applied…the application could be better yes…

But emotions are emotions they are to be respected to a reasonable degree…but dont expect people to always cater to your every whim just because you feel a certain way. The world doesnt work like that. To have such an expectation is unrealistic.

Why would i say something like this…
For example not many would care about how i feel today…tbh people only care about the people they like…but more importantly people have their own feelings as well…one persons feelings arent more valid than anothers…they are both equal in value…

If one person is angry at a person who feels sad…the angry person shouldnt get preferential treatment over the sad person or vice a versa…depending upon the situation, there should be a middle ground that has to be met somewhere…

Also some feelings are more fucked up than others and they arent valid excuses for fucked up personal behavior so yeah…

The pitfalls of being emotional.

Also not saying one group is more emotional than other…the irrational emotional fucked upedness is expressed in different ways by different people.

its not a trait of a specific particular goup…it is more universal than one thinks.