Things I learned way too late


A thread with a self-explanatory title.

Let’s go:

TIL that Patricia Morrison played in The Gun Club between 1982 and 1984.


Adding Distortion to 808’s make’s them better


Gender politics.

That in order to get along with the gender political extremists you gotta show them a little love. Because they lash out cause they dont get loved in the right way.

I learned this when i started flirting with the mean woman…that was screwing with me by trying to make me miserable. She was just acting up because she was insecure about being attractive. I wasnt attracted to her…but by giving her a little compliment…she calmed down.


Toxic people are usually deeply insecure people masquerading as confident ones.


How to synthesize…

I mostly got by on heavy resampling.


I hear you.

Yet… Does it matter, as long as you understand the basic concepts? Guess it depends where your interests lie.

In this day and age, there are millions of presets/patches/samples available. I tend to tweak the presets I’m interested in a bit, but won’t lose sleep over not creating sounds from the INIT preset. I would only make something sub-par or basic anyway so it doesn’t seem like a good use of time.


I agree, it doesn’t really matter. There are so many ways to make music, I think it’s optimal to use a combination of everything, including samples, presets, and patches made from scratch. But I believe having a basic understanding of how the different parameters of a synth work is important…if you’re making electronic music especially, you want to know the difference between the oscillator, filter, lfo, ampitude envelope, sequencer, etc etc




No music theory or rule or anything matters beyond: “Does it sound good”

Fuck anyone who tells you presets are bad, simplicity is bad, etc.
If it sounds good and makes you happy, then do it.


I learned wayyy too late to not to spend and invest time into team projects with some friends that make music that is 100% different than me and have different wievs and goals and we are totally incompatible( but we were good friends tho), i wasted a year mixing and doing some yracks i wanted to make with my friend an album of off it and he was like “no bro, i am making tracks i am going to send to a big label do not mess with my fame and fortune here”
I learned way to late not to fuck with beat battles because it is a waste of time using crappy samples other people gathered in 5 minutes and spend a year doing crap music and i was totally killing myself because nothing good came out of it.


Everyone has a different path…

Some may experience more trial and error than others.


Time is the only currency that really matters.


And dogecoin.

In all seriousness, I’ve had to really learn to grab opportunities when they come my way and not worry as much about the non-existent opportunities it might potentially lock me out of. I’ve got to remember to live for today and not always be planning for an uncertain future.


How to stop being negative.