The YouTube Rabbit Hole Thread

I thought it would be good to have a thread for cool, interesting or just entertaining YouTube videos we’d like to share that we find on our journeys into the abyss (or just suggested to us :stuck_out_tongue:) that we think might the people here on IDMf might enjoy.

I’ll start off with a really cool video by Ahoy on the history of tracker software that almost all retro game music was made in, due to the limitations of audio hardware.

This software also seems to be the original inspiration behind the interface of Renoise.



Those half life sfx vids are awesome.


This guy


I saw the title and post and came here to post this, but it’s in the first post in the thred!

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The videos on this channel are great

And here’s a documentary someone made about BoC:

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THIS 100 times, I stopped worrying about the results and more and focused more on finishing tracks and automagically my tracks, workflow, mixing got better…

For the last 2 years a Russian tv aired a fake Italian NYE music show, in wannabe-Italian language, and it’s one of the best things ever.
This is my favourite from this year’s show:

The chorus goes:
My boyfriend drives a Fiat car through town at night looking for troubles
And it’s the catchiest shit ever.

This is a gift from a parallel dimension where Russia single-handedly won WWII and conquered Europe. Once the regime fell this was the culture it left behind.

lol thanks man. the fat cat through the door vid got like 500k views on YT somehow, against all logic. I literally ripped off game samples and a chonker for a meme. no wonder the internet is filled with recycled trash, it gets views.