The Vinyl Record Pressing and Turntable Industry


vinylrecorder(dot)com is cool website and they say it includes mastering. There are very few of this but I see a very good business opportunity. I imagine that there are very few mastering engineers that specialize in this but the ones that do will have a very good niche to work with.


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i actually just bought a smaller keyboard so i could make room to get my turntables out after years of them being in storage.
i was very excited about this. now you have ruined it for me -_-


TBH, I think I’d be more worried about the dust on them than the chemicals in your records. I haven’t heard of this causing problems for record collectors. I’m not saying there’s not some harmful chemicals in there, but forgive me for being somewhat skeptical as I think about it because the California Prop 65 harmful chemical warning goes on everything. Even FOOD. I’m not personally aware of any correlation between large record collections and health issues, for what that’s worth (nor, IIRC is Ben). Have fun.

I’ve been considering selling my collection because I only listen like twice a year even though its set up next to my bed. And I have to lean over it to open or close my window.