The supidest ish in windows 8.1

God damn I can’t believe how dumb windows is sometimes

I know I can’t be the only one who gets pissed every time they open any folder that contains audio and for some fucking reason the tabs for sorting your files are now: artist, year released, length, album name and all this other bullshit.

Every day of my life I must right click the and uncheck all that shit and add “date modified” … it doesn’t even default to having date modified. This is madness.

Is there a way to turn this off? holy hell.

“To resolve this behavior, reset the default sort order: 1. Right-click Start, click Explore and then click drive C. 2. On the View menu, click Details. 3. Click the Name column to sort items by name, press and hold down the CTRL key, and then quit Windows Explorer by clicking Close in the upper- right corner of the screen. 4. Release the CTRL key. 5. Restart your computer. NOTE: You must perform these steps exactly as they are listed. For example, do not quit Windows Explorer by clicking Exit on the File menu.”

what the fuck did i just read lol

caustic windows

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I think it defaulted the folder type to ‘music’. Right click on your root folder -> Properties -> Customize and optimize folder for General Items. Check the box to apply this to all subfolders. Should fix this crap. Which is indeed very annoying.


heck yea… gonna give this a shot. This will improve my quality of life

For me, it’s still the start menu, which didn’t get any better with win10. The search bar in the start menu searches with bing. I often just don’t want to find the shortcut for a program I haven’t used in 6 months or something, but searching takes me to the page where I can download the installer for whatever program I’m looking for. NO. NONONONONO.

And not sure if this also happens in 8.1, but updates. Not that they interrupt me, that’s actually never been a problem. NO. The problem is much worse than that. Even after disk cleanup, defraggling, c-cleaning and everything else I can think of, every update just eats about 500 megs of my precious SSD space and throws it into the void. What the actual fuck? Microsoft is a trillion dollar company they can clean up some of the 12 year old code that no one is using anymore. They can overwrite the shit they did last update and I probably won’t notice. But I sure as shit notice when I don’t install any new programs for a year (and in fact uninstall several to save space) and my SSD is so full it can’t do updates anymore until I transplant my entire DAW and attending software onto my sweet 5400 rpm laptop hard drive. That was the first time I called something “fucking horseshit”.

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I have been reading these comments about the windows OS and in particular 8.1 and 10. I am one of these “financially challenged” people and I am still nursing an ancient piece of machinery with Windows 7. The computer needs replacing (and perhaps the owner as well). I recently had some problems but after some complete scans and check disk, some normalcy has returned. When MS ceases to support Win7 in January 2020, perhaps I will have to adopt Win10, but I hear that MS will stop supporting 32 bit systems as well. Where do I find the loot to buy a new computer?

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“nursing an ancient piece of machinery with Windows 7” I lol’d at that.

I too am contemplating getting a new machine. However, it’s worth pointing out that the processing power isn’t increasing nearly as rapidly as it was when I got my current computer (10 years ago!). My point being that if your machine can run windows 7, it most likely can run windows 10. So at the very least you would only have to do a slight upgrade in specs.

What kind of processor do you have? What kind of software are you wanting to run? If you are on a desktop you can find powerful machines that are 2-4 years old for really cheap nowadays. That’s what I’d do if you aren’t needing as much horsepower as you can get.

Thank you for your comments. As I remember the CPU is an Athlon and I am running 4 Gb of RAM and a 500Gb hard drive. Being a 32bit system the maximum RAM is limited to 4Gb or so I have been told. There is a lot of junk that needs to be deleted and also a major backup. Some “experts” suggested that it might be incapable of running windows 10 and I would need a new hard drive and they are at least 1Tb today. If I wanted to upgrade to 64bit the old beast may revolt I was told I have Kore 2 Player and Reaktor on board and I am only having limited success with these programs. Unfortunately I still have “delusions of grandeur” and would like do something meaningful in electronic music. Perhaps I should be retrained and taken away! Considering my budget (what budget?) perhaps I should forget the whole venture and retire to a monastery. I will take your advice and research the second hand market and I might strike some gold.

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I see…

Well if you are running and older Athlon, it should be easy to get some significant performance upgrades.

It’s actually crazy how cheap you can get a relatively powerful computer. Something like this one would be great for music stuff.

Also, supposedly you can still upgrade to windows 10 for free through microsoft. Apparently they just never stopped the free upgrade program. If you google “free windows 10 upgrade” it’s easy to find instructions, but yea, I wouldn’t do it on your current rig.

As for the budget… I feel you. money is the enemy.

You should definitely find a way to get in there and make some music though. It’s worth the headache.

You’re still on 8.1?

i yam. Prolly upgrade eventually, but I’m still using an echo audiofire 12 interface, which is pretty ancient so I’ve been trying to resist the urge to upgrade cause everything is working fine for now. I think I need a new interface anyway. This one seems to perform not so great in certain situations.

I’m pretty sure you can just run 10 legally for free and buy a grey market key later. They give you plenty of time to figure out which shady ass site you want to give your credit card number to, which is a nice touch.

10 is actually highly compatible though so I wouldn’t doubt your interface would run without any problems. A few googlings should point you in the right direction

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