The Sonar Thread (Cakewalk/Bandlab)

So, Sonar finally did my head in with its crappy handling of automation. A project I was close to completing lost control of all automation and all existing automation no longer functioned, regardless of the soft synth to which it was assigned. Can’t even open the automation lanes to edit, they are just completely detached from the associated synth.

I’m running the Bandlab installer and putting it into a new directory so I can revert if needed.

Analytics default to ‘off’, of which I approve.
The project automation I mentioned above is still broken but it was rather clutching at straws hoping that this installation would fix it. I can still see the automation, I just can’t get at it to edit it and it doesn’t trigger when the song is playing.

Still really furious about the automation but its Sonar, what can you do.

Sonar remains as ever :rage: + :heart_eyes:


The automation lanes are orphaned, for whatever reason I don’t know.

I can SHIFT+Click on the automation to bring it into focus then assign it to the soft synth to which it originally belonged.

same thoughts !!!
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