The shitshow thread and winning aka the wtf i dont even


yea so, im like should i/do i dark knight this shit…or what and for what all in the name progress…
So when do I start


For some reason I can never make a 7 10 split with my black bowling ball…i tried diff angles like going for the 10 pin and hitting it throwing the black ball as fast as I can…I even threw a backup ball at it aiming for the 7 pin but I still cant hit it…I guess it’s just one of those impossible spares to make…at this point i just take the one pin in case i need the wood…to win the game.


I mean I guess the only way to make splits is to not leave them in the first place…but to do that takes practice…you gotta work on your form and develop your shot and also you gotta teach yourself how to adjust to all the different oil pattern on the lanes in order to bowl a decent game…no ones gonna show you it’s just a trial and error thing you do and eventually youll figure it out for yourself…I personally like the motto keep it simple…because by keeping it simple you dont mess up your rhythm…


Also it’s not the balls you use it’s the bowler…having 80 hundred different types of balls is a waste imo…I personally dont keep track of all the types but I’ve used plastic and polyurethane…the poly my guess is the hottest equip out on the market right now cause what it does it absorbs the oil and if you know how to throw it it will crush the pocket everytime…so yea you gotta know how to throw your balls…because each ball depending upon the oil pattern requires you to throw a different line so yea…also because your bowling against other bowlers the line and the oil pattern changes over time so you kinda have to make adjustments gradually as each game progresses…so it’s like if you wanna do good you have make adjustments to your shot…but also keep in mind that over competitiveness can kill the fun you have by participating in the game…I mean who wants to bowl with someone that just wants to win all the time…it kinda sucks the joy out of everything…you win some you lose some it happens and bowlers have their hot streaks and their shit streaks…so yea just go with the flow because that’s all you can do.



With basketball now you cant be a ball hog and gotta pass it around to your teammates to get an open shot…im mean yea you’ll always get that one guy who sucks and cant hit the shot or puts in the worst defense…or cant handle the ball for shit…but yea every member on the team plays a role…some are better at rebounding and boxing out, some are best at the pick an roll…and some are goons the guys that intimidate and draw fouls for the team to get inside the teams head so that the team can get some momentum going…i mean yea i can lebron the fuck out of this but i wont cause lebron can only lebron so much…but yea hook shots, dunks, layups, but dont go trey young and pass the ball between the guys legs its sorta an unwritten rule in the nba cause if you make a guy look like a fool, gauranteed the player will foul your ass every chance they get…cause in the nba/ bball in general its like a coordinated ballet…everyone has to step up and play a part in order to be a competitive team…you gotta work you way up to earn the big bucks, but the superstars shouldn’t be the ones that only play to have high stat numbers, because i have seen some player score 50 points a game and the team still loses so…make of that what you will…
why am i talking about sports on a music forum you ask…cause content…

next post ill discuss the experience of playing the board games monopoly, life, sorry, and yahtzee
but i wont go into ken and barbie playing house territory cause its not my business…


Yeah nont cause trolling in real life causes moar trolling

Ever been in a real life flame war I have…
It’s like the internet but only people have feelings and they arent anonymous…so yeah moral of the story is that karma isnt a tool for a persons revenge…cause well then you wind up with things like the flat earth society and the Westboro Baptist church and nazis…


shut up


Ok I’ll stop lashing out because of stress…I should probably leave idmf…because my whatever isnt helping me in regards to the toxic feedback loop that has become my life.

I’ll show myself out.