The search for a label


… is a hard journey, tried few labels last year, one was Y&C but they have a very distinct music philosophy and I couldn’t fit there I guess. They replied me by mail after me sending them demos, “sorry, we don’t book artists for the moment”. Anyone got the quasi same replies?


Unless you’re way above average and / or making something highly-palatable, I have a hard time with the idea of labels (assuming we’re talking about netlabels, and not ones that are local to you which would otherwise be super beneficial). If it’s part of a community or collective of artists who sometimes work and collaborate together, I could see this as being a huge plus, but randomly selecting one and sending demos with no promise of any return seems odd to me in this day and age.

I made the mistake years ago of just shipping my stuff off to labels, and although a lot of it ended up being accepted and I wound up with quite a few physical releases in the process (DIY tapes and CDRs, in traditional harsh noise fashion!) I didn’t really gain anything significant from these experiences.

Even though you’re probably smarter than I was, sometimes it’s worth it to consider what a label can do for you, and not just the opposite. If they’re heavy into promoting and have some kind of hooks in an established scene, that’s probably a lot better than a label who just accepts everything like it’s shovelware and plasters it all over their bandcamp site with artwork that was made overnight. Sure, the acceptance rate is much higher for those, but is it worth being washed away in a sea of soundalike label mates?

Better yet, if the bigger (whatever that means to you, since this is all relative) labels aren’t accepting your music, maybe it’s time to just focus more on your music itself. Improve the quality, if possible, and better things will follow. Or, maybe creating your own label can serve as a third option after all.


I look maybe on to “high” quality labels and maybe should deepen my search, I keep getting unknown labels following me on social medias but I haven’t contacted them yet. Also creating my own label was an option, but my acquaintance and I had a very different opinion on music, he was an acid rave party guy while I’m, at least try to, willing to pierce in the Industrial scene.