The Sci-Fi Thread

Get your nerd on. Lets kick off with this:

Unlikely most of you won’t already know the content in that vid but there’s a few interesting snippets. I was surprised to see it includes tabletop RPGs and computer games, as well as the obvious books and films. Very much sticks to the mainstream though, don’t expect to see much that is off-the-beaten-path.

There’s some inaccuracies but overall I liked it.


I just watched that yesterday.

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The Hyperdrive videos can be interesting, as he goes through different sub genres of SciFi.

Check out the bit on Johnny Mnemonic, where he talks about a cool weapon, which is obviously lifted from a favourite of yours. I’ll just say the name “Benten”.

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Is Deckard a replicant?

When you read the book, what did you think?

If Deckard is a replicant , as has been suggested, he is a remarkably long-living one. I do have the original Philip K Dick novel but I have yet to read it fully. Perhaps that will reveal an answer.

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As per movie, bear in mind the expiry was deliberately built in rather than being a limitation of the technology, so if Deckard was a skin job he could have been built with that feature disabled, like Rachel.

In the book you’re left wondering but there are hints he might be a replicant. PKD liked to leave your brain a bit messed up in most of his stories. Now Wait For Last Year was a good example of this.

Wiki thing here but spoilers if you’ve not already read it:

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I think they definitely did a good job of leaving it up to debate. In 2049, I thought it was interesting how he was able to survive in Las Vegas so long, even though K’s ship says the radiation levels at one point were nominal.

I personally would like to believe D was a replicant, it’s more fun to believe him and Rachel were capable of creating an organically delivered replicant versus the human/skinjob hybrid.

OH and even though it’s totally an unsupported theory, it’s cool to dive into seeing how the BR universe might be part of the Alien universe also. That’d be a cool blend in some non-cannon fan fiction.

Both Blade Runner and Aliens had Syd Mead designing much of their stuff so I think the theory is based on look & feel rather than story-led joined-up universe. I think it would be fun to drop Easter Eggs from either in the other.