The philosophy thread (reminder philosophy is not politics nor conspiracy theories)


I stumbled on this recently…. Very clear overview of Nietzsche


Bertrand russell had a wonderful explanation.

I was going by excerpts ive read 15 years ago and a wikipedia explanation.


Ok so im reading the hagakure…

I wonder if there is an overlap between bushido…and stoicism… from what i know i think that there is some similarity amongst the ideas of both philosophies…


Stoicism…ive yet to delve into…

From what i know its the philosophy of how to be psychologically resilient…


More physically… I believe :man_shrugging:


My philosophy approach everything like work…even the stuff that isnt considered work…

By approaching everything like work, you will become your best self.

Its like if you play sports…you practice to get good at the game…and when you play you have fun playing the game because your good at the game…and good at playing your assigned role in the game.


50 cent philosophy…more interesting then kiekergaard or sarte or voltaire.


Meta commentary…doesnt hold water logically.


The synchronicity of the rube goldberg machine of life…

Also carl jung and quantum consciousness and spirituality as influenced by eastern civilization.

Everyone has a shadow…

Also Ethical consistency
And real world impact of ethical beliefs.
Like eye for an eye leaves the world blind.


The more you resolve an idea, the further away you recede from it.

Each addition of a level of abstraction to compensate for the underlying structure brings you further away from the target object of your cogitation.

Yet counter intuitively the further we become abstracted from the physical unitarity we converge further upon the possibility of an instantiation of a system grounded in this hierarchy of abstractions that maximise isomorphism to the object.