The philosophy thread (reminder philosophy is not politics nor conspiracy theories)


I stumbled on this recently…. Very clear overview of Nietzsche


Bertrand russell had a wonderful explanation.

I was going by excerpts ive read 15 years ago and a wikipedia explanation.


Ok so im reading the hagakure…

I wonder if there is an overlap between bushido…and stoicism… from what i know i think that there is some similarity amongst the ideas of both philosophies…


Stoicism…ive yet to delve into…

From what i know its the philosophy of how to be psychologically resilient…


More physically… I believe :man_shrugging:


My philosophy approach everything like work…even the stuff that isnt considered work…

By approaching everything like work, you will become your best self.

Its like if you play sports…you practice to get good at the game…and when you play you have fun playing the game because your good at the game…and good at playing your assigned role in the game.


50 cent philosophy…more interesting then kiekergaard or sarte or voltaire.


Meta commentary…doesnt hold water logically.


The synchronicity of the rube goldberg machine of life…

Also carl jung and quantum consciousness and spirituality as influenced by eastern civilization.

Everyone has a shadow…

Also Ethical consistency
And real world impact of ethical beliefs.
Like eye for an eye leaves the world blind.


The more you resolve an idea, the further away you recede from it.

Each addition of a level of abstraction to compensate for the underlying structure brings you further away from the target object of your cogitation.

Yet counter intuitively the further we become abstracted from the physical unitarity we converge further upon the possibility of an instantiation of a system grounded in this hierarchy of abstractions that maximise isomorphism to the object.




Social media has exposed the veil of ego driven thoughts.

And yet people willingly flock to this…because they share a similar truth.


A lot of people can’t stand my optimism about things like this, but I do think it’s increasingly easy to see the dark side of how social media has changed humanity over the past X years rather than seeing the upside(s).

My examples are only really personal, because unfortunately there’s a lot of collective baggage in the world and I can’t really speak for anyone else, but most of who I am and what I’m even into at this point was shaped by social media, or kind souls who I either knew through the internet or never even spoke to who simply made really great ‘media’ / ‘content’ (I still hate those terms, but there’s no other way to describe it) that inspired me along the way.

I wish everyone felt the same, but I definitely understand why they don’t. The baggage is also very real, fwiw.


If it werent for social media i would of never known who james baldwin was…

But also i would of probably spent more time going outside and touching grass.

Instead of reading ego driven thoughts disguised via a persons politics or existential virtues…

But it comes with the territory. Meh.

Pros and cons… it be what it is


Hate is not the answer

Two rights does make a wrong.


Hey @psyber usually I can track your logic and understand it.

We have had some excellent debates which are often inspiring.

This one has me baffled… especially the last paragraph :man_shrugging:

Maybe define “physical unitarity” and simplify “ an instantiation of a system grounded in this hierarchy of abstractions that maximise isomorphism to the object.”

You really lost me there… :face_with_monocle:


First sentence TRUE
Second sentence FALSE….but may be true if you replace “does” with “might” or “could” etc.


People like and flock to power.

Powerful people are able to define reality positively and negatively.

The psychology of power, most write books about this stuff…but the truth is that power is fleeting…so i guess you have to find your own personal power…

The thing about power is that some think they have superpowers…others may want to fight you for your power…and even break you…because they want power themselves.

However looking at world through the lens of power can lead to an unhealthy tunnel vision.

For power isnt the meaning of life.


Being a master of your own destiny.



Reading stoic philosophy…

Its mostly about work, willpower, and being unphased by the ups and downs in life and not being overwhelmed by obstacles…

So it turns out i already knew stoic philosophy but didnt know what i already knew is essentially the tenets of stoic philosophy.