The philosophy thread (reminder philosophy is not politics nor conspiracy theories)


That’s the point… isn’t it! Also… by “acceptance” I mean accepting that something may in fact be unknowable. Not meant to imply that we should give up… only to acknowledge that possibility.

Love these discussions @psyber… don’t ever change… you are an inspiration! :sunglasses::sparkles:


Hey, sorry for going missing when called upon for a reply to this thread. Im splintered and confused as ever, if not more. However, I am firmly on board with the Chris Langan argument. Things calling themselves out into existence, and then removing themselves later makes no sense to me. What this means for us and a potential afterlife; i dont think it exists in a personal sense, there is probably only a sense of being; and a new place to go to, but without deep yogic practice or something along those lines, it will not be accessible without some kind of control.

Dipping into the nihilistic boat; dualism makes this a weird exercise; What could exist without a mirror around? And then ‘nothing’ is achieved at some point, we are supporting entropy now, great. So are you ok with the universe self-destructing at some point? This technocratic movement is completely anti-human, it serves us in no way imaginable. So i would offer you the chance to make moves for loved ones and family.

Let’s accept the fact we know very little about horoscopes, and they weigh down on all of us.


Lately the books ive been reading has been an effort to challenge or break the paradigms in my head.

Its either break my own paradigms or spend me time watching netflix and whatever streaming service.

I guess it good to challenge yourself by breaking your own paradigms via exploring stuff you dont agree with…like a republican reading democrat leaning stuff…or vice versa. Or a redpill masculinity person reading feminist literature.

Besides Breaking your own paradigm is better than living in an echo chamber of your own farts because that smells like ass.


Couldn’t agree more, both with regard to personal growth and public debate. I think especially with regard to online discussions there is less and less of that happening over the last few years, with people ending up with their half-informed opinions just being reinforced on a daily basis. When I was younger, there was a lot of talk in media sciences about how smaller forums contribute to a better representation of the diversity of public opinion, since different interests have the opportunity to finetune their expression in multiple smaller forums before entering a general open arena - but nowadays it feels more like smaller forums become echo chambers attached to a small number of big megaphones…


also in recent years social media has increased the power of propaganda…making it more effective by manipulating peoples opinions…with facebook and twitter knowingly being a farm for expolitation of personal information…imo i guess the drop off in discussion is due to age/interest…backlash and to protest the whole social media mostly being an exploitative farm as opposed to being a platform for healthy discussion.


What if everyone is a different version of you so that you can experience the world in different ways.

And the true self is nothing more than a collective of various ways of different people being and living in different experiences.

As for the individual ego that just maybe an evolutionary construct to ensure survival.

Sometimes by diminishing the individuals ego it can deepen ones own personal understanding via formulating a new perspective.

I guess being mentally healthy is a balance of individual ego and the other parts of the psyche and the collective self.

No i did not take acid.

I borrowed this from hinduism or is it buddhism a lil bit

Eastern philosophy
I ching
Sun tzu
Book of the five rings
The vedas

Mid eastern philosophy…
Mostly the quran

Also i keep coming across greco roman and renaissance and enlightement of western europe.

With the exception of jung most Modern european philosophy makes me yawn.