The philosophy thread (reminder philosophy is not politics nor conspiracy theories)


It’s not direct Jung moreso an intro to jung I wasn’t aware of Jung interviews will do some googling.

Also western spirituality like the memes that have 555 or whatever are a partially nfluenced derivation of some Jungian ideas


Yeah there’s some on YouTube, a long-form interview too – he’s fairly old there, but he’s still so bloody sharp and quick.

Able to recall old memories with speed and ease!


Hmm I think actually there’s just the one long-form interview with him looking for it.

Easy to find but I’ll link it here anyway.


Oh wait actually they just have similar thumbnails. @bfk


Meant to say, I Watched A Clockwork Orange last weekend – it’s a fucking excellent film!

Relating to the earlier discussion here I don’t think their form of medicine was very effective haha.

I think if this were to be done, it’d need to be advanced neuroscience based medicine, combined with some kind of AI-driven lie-detector, and probably also emotion-detectors that correlate true emotional responses with the agreed expected outcomes, that detects this by looking at patterns of activation in the brain, however, only with the continued consent of the individual – that would seem to filter out individuals who are trying to game the system.

These technologies are one’s that could be seriously abused, however, the technology will come about one way or another – we’ll just have to hope that we can do enough collectively to put in place strong enough systemic safeguards against this kind of exploitation.

However, we all know how likely it is that this will be a perfect solution.

At least the potential good such technology could offer might partly pay back the cost of its invention.


Reading about the Anima The feminine aspect of a man…and the animus The masculine aspect of a woman.

Not going to get all gender bender…or existential…

My own conclusions from reading Jung is that an imbalance of the Anima, the animus, the shadow, and other aspects of the Self can lead to serious problems in a lot of areas.

But also depends on the lens you use to look at things.


Came across something interesting when reading Jung…

The idea of Synchronicity which is the acausal connection that exists between, people, places, and things.

Also the relationship between the psyche and the quantum realm


Lots of psychological layers in A Clockwork Orange :tangerine:

The character Alex is clearly Evil… yet by the end of the film you sympathize with him after seeing the effects of a well meaning Society on his Free Will… in changing his reaction to Evil thoughts and deeds with an inescapable revulsion… they also stripped him of his one connection to humanity… his love of Music.

Heavy stuff… it had a deep effect on me at the tender age of 13 :scream:


I neglected to mention but I enjoyed that aspect of it. I’m going to watch it again soon, I was quite tired when I watched it and have forgotten half of it already and struggle to reflect on it.

I do recall however that it is very clear that the stories of Kubrick getting the most out of his actors are visibly clear in this movie.

The way some of those women allowed themselves to be groped so violently – I can’t imagine the experience of having Kubrick demand retake after retake, egging on the actors to be more aggressive and the women to be more distraught.


I had a thought a while back about a tragic yet absurdly comedic situation…

A young boy forced into slave labour in a factory making clothes for middle-class Westerners grows up into a homeless man and receives a charity package containing a pair of shoes that he was forced to make all those years ago.

To recognise a mark you made on them as a child, and to feel the sorrow of that moment, holding in your hands the product of your sacrifice, ragged and merely donated to the destitute as valued and missed as loose change falling out of the ripped pocket of a fat middle-manager’s suit.


Crazy… so much sad irony in tHis world…