The philosophy thread (reminder philosophy is not politics nor conspiracy theories)


Nicely said – I like your style of writing and making a point! :stuck_out_tongue:

Honestly though.


drunk philosophy 101.


Everyone has a shadow…

And by shadow I mean thoughts, ideas, desires that people don’t express to each other.

The funny thing is that for the most part people’s shadows are almost similar…

However some people are too much shadow…or are too much the opposite…

Being too much of either or can create an imbalance and can lead to bad personal conduct…like the overly righteous zealot who claims to be doing God’s work unable to see their own sins and trangressions…or the amoral person that lives by moral relativism…etc…

By recognizing your own and others shadow…it may help with things like curing your own addictions, overcoming bad habits, making sense of trauma, etc…

By knowing and understanding the shadow a person can overcome their own folly by being less an unconscious slave to their own desires…and keep themself in check.

Also knowing and understanding the shadow, it can help a person defend themselves from others who are ruled by both their shadow and the shadow of others.

The goal is to know and understand the shadow so that you don’t become someone’s else slave or so that you do not become the worst version of yourself…and the most important part is overcoming the paralysis/helplessness that is spurned by fear and anxiety in regards to the shadow.


Be your own person.

I feel like a lot of the stuff out there is just a bunch of nonsense because if you think about it a lot of peoples parent used an Xbox or Playstation or a TV to babysit their kids…while working 2 jobs.

I feel like if parents had the time to discuss these things with their children…people wouldn’t be searching for a bunch of crap on the internet from some “charlatans” and “users” as guidance.

When self help has a political agenda it’s mostly crap.

From what I gather my guess it’s like a person has to put up with a bunch of dicks.

Although the shady people should be called out.

Holding the door open aka common courtesy isn’t a perogative to fight over…there are other things more important things.

Do this, do that, wear tight pants, don’t wear tight pants, be this or that way, blah blah blah
do you…it’s your life, you live your life nobody lives your life for you.

In regards to both some people are just spoiled brats…

Also there is Lots of shit, so think and figure things for youself, and you do you.


A general post but inspired by @bfk’s earlier post.

It’s kind of tragic, the idea of a machine which values and seeks balance, but by its own wiring converges off-centre, all the while unknowing of the absolute limits of its adaptation, and from a vantage point where self-manifested failure looks the same as a failure at the limit.

Is it better to try and forever fail, or fear failure and never succeed?

Or try and forever fail unknowing of whether it was self-manifesting or if the absolute limit has truly been reached?

Not the kind of success or failure where one “reaches” the end, and completes the game, but the successful launching of oneself on a trajectory of positive evolution.

I should add, I don’t feel like my situation is anywhere near as dire as this – it’s relatable, but I’m getting there.

However, I do know many people who seem to be caught in such a conundrum, and it really is tragic to witness.

I’ve said before, but it’s these kinds of things in which AI and advanced medicine would save so much suffering. If the specific regions of the brain that cause the dysregulation can be identified, and the appropriate medicine synthesised, I think a lot of problems would be helped by this. Super intelligent AI scanning our brains, and generating bespoke medicines for the individual.

If, for example, violent criminals are given the voluntary choice between a long-term prison sentence; or, combined with some form of reintegration therapy, the treatment, and perhaps permanent curing after successful reintegration, of the root neurological cause of the behaviour – this could really reduce a lot of violent crime and suffering.

It’s not just violent criminals though, it’s the potential for the curing of almost any psychological ailment.

It makes me wonder how many of these people would accept that. Part of me thinks that at some level they recognise their own situation and just how dire it is, and if given the opportunity of a permanent way out, could escape into the life they’ve always wanted, I think many would jump at it.

It might take a few years in prison for them to come to terms with it, and try it.

Medical science and AI just aren’t there yet.


@psyber Your post is the plot of clockwork orange I think.


Ha! That’s funny, though not surprising I guess, being a human trope.

I’ll check that film out!


edit: SPOILER WARNING :wink: : I’d say you can read Clockwerk Orange more generally like that, but imho it’s not about healing in any causal sense of getting to the core of a sickness, but more about a brute form of symptomatic/behaviorist reconditioning.


This. It’s a Kubrick/Orwellian capital punishment version of the Pavlovian effect as a solution, while providing a commentary about consequence and ego.


Saw the movie…didn’t read the book…
From what I remember the pavlovian conditioning as capital punishment didn’t work because the main character in the end his nature wasn’t changed he just exhibited a different set of behavior.

The character was a criminal ran a criminal gang and got caught… for his transgressions towards not functioning in society as a normal citizen…he was a rebel yet criminal because he did what he wanted but yet didn’t or had no regard for others.

One could argue the pavlovian conditioning was criminal in itself alongside the behavior of the main character.


Speak your truth…if some like it and some dont

Needless to say you’ll find out who your friends are.


In terms of dating people…There is no mandate that you are supposed to like vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry ice cream. Nothing wrong with Liking or not liking someone…it’s individual subjective preference at the end of the day.