bring out your dead, kids

yes there’s a gear setup thread but we all deserve to show off our pedalboards if we got em. they’re awesome. non pedalboard havers don’t @ me

chain is data corruptor > plasma > evp4 (the volume pedal) > sub n up > aqueduct > bass TS > acapulco gold > erupter > empress comp > dd3 > tensor > dark world > dd6 > radial passive DI

to justify my existence i will now elucidate any plebs not in the KNOW about all of these with details

data corruptor: absolutely nasty gnarly fuckmonster. it has 3 oscs, a square wave that’s basically a sick gated fuzz bass synth with no controls, a sub octave and a master pulse locked loop osc. the master can be set to wild settings or just octaves or fifths up and the sub is derived from it. if you go ham on the settings this thing makes wild and seemingly uncontrollable noises that you can actually control quite well with a deft hand, or you can go a bit more sensible and get just some nice nasty synth tones out of your guitar or bass (or whatever you sick individuals decide to pipe into it)

gamechanger audio plasma pedal: did you ever want to play a fucking lighting bolt? because that’s what this is. if you want a distortion that is impossibly aggressive and so tightly controllable that you can blast precise chugs with ABSOLUTE silence between notes, this thing does that. the tone controls and blend let you get just an unbridled full range blast of fury, or dial it back into quite possibly the single most interesting overdrive tone available today.

dunlop evp4: solid pedal. passive volume pedal, aux jack can be an expression output or a tuner output, internal dip switched let you flip the polarity of the pedal and toggle the aux jack function. extremely solid pedal, high quality build, feels just as solid as a full sized crybaby ever did, very comparable to hotone mini rockers I’ve used before. high recommend.

tc electronics sub n up: 2 main modes give you two solid octave options, middle mode is a custom toneprint - pop this sucker on USB on your computer or w/e and you get some deep access to the DSP and deeper control options. tracks pretty solid(depending on the mode, mono mode does track multi notes in a way but it can sound super fucked up which you may like or absolutely hate. but for single note lines it sounds solid af)

eqd aqueduct: vibrato-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho since i mostly use this board for bass i keep this thing on a more traditional setting usually, the depth envelope setting is hella dope but it tracks a bit less well with bass to my ear? idk. this thing can do anything from a mellow traditional vibrato to absolute random to a kevin sheilds whammy bar as you whack the guitar sound on a guitar with no trem bar. square wave vibrato is fun. very versatile vib pedal

ibanez bass screamer: it’s alright. i’ve never been a TS nostalgist (gasp) but i use it for a light drive/ “dirty channel” pedal, has expanded controls over a usual TS including a blend which is nice. decent bass response especially compared to a classic TS. decent buy but I’m likely to replace it with an eqd plumes or a westwood, i think. leaning towards the plumes, cheap, sounds tight as fuck, yeah.

acapulco: all you need to know is that this circuit is a sunn model t preamp clone and all the knob does is control the final output. if you want subtle this thing is absolutely not what you want. if you have a huge tube amp you want to make scream or a beautiful clean solid state amp that you want that perfect full blast distortion tone for, look no further.

erupter: ok the knob on this little gremlin does more than the acapulco, it’s a bias knob so again if you want subtle this thing isn’t for you. the idea is that on any good fuzz most of the pros tend to just dime it and glue the damn knobs down, so at the center detent this thing gives you a solid, aggressive, perfect fuzz, if you crank it clockwise he tone gets fuller and a bit louder as you feed the circuit more juice, and if you crank it counter clock, you starve the circuit and the tone becomes crackly and strained and gated, like when the 9v on your old scarred big muff was in that sweet spot of dying and gave you that gnar ripped up denim tone before it squeaked out. good pedal.

empress compressor: canadian engineering BITCH ok so this is a good solid comp, great not just for bass or guitar, has a sidechain input with is tight as FUCK on a pedal format comp, also the LEDs across the top can show you gain reduction, input, or both at once, and the blend knob allows you to do some nice parallel comp blends at will, no muss, no blood and guts. can do anything from light gentle barely there comp to spanky limiting. this is my always on like 100% of the time more or less, especially for bass.

dd3: you know this fuckin thing. the good old classic digi delay. if you hate a digi delay you’ll chuck this out the window, if you like em, you’ll buy 2 or 3. i was using this as a sorta nearly feedback’d med-short faux verb thing, but i got sick of that hence the dark world(shh we’ll get to you heaux). hold mode is fun but not as useful for crazy glitches and drills like the dd6. tis what tis!

red panda tensor: SECOND most recent buy. this thing is… not a delay, not just a pitch shifter, it’s a time manipulator. it does time stretching real time, compression, looping, pitching, and with the speed knob it’s basically a dope tape machine DSP… so you can not just flip the tape backwards, you can use an expression pedal and set the knob to noon to do a fucking like tape stop. you can do other wild stuff with it, live backwards solos, looping madness, with the remote 4 you can replace your DL4, it’s a fucking amazing pedal and i’m ultra stoked to own one finally. it can make SO many sounds, amazing for beat processing and stuff too. buy one.

chase bliss dark world: the most recent buy as of today fufufufufufufuu ok so it’s 2 reverbs in one, a collab pedal with cooper fx and keeley electronics. the world side is 3 solid classic verb styles, the dark side is 3 wild and weird verb algorithms. they can be routed parallel or into each other, turned on and off individually, master tone control and mix knob to sculpt your tone and mix, each side’s 2 knobs operate a tad different in each mode so this is a very VERY RTFM pedal. you can unbox it and just figure out a cool tone right away(btw the wooden box it come in is a fucking gorgeous presentation, the put the work IN on their products in all regards) but if you sit down and play with it and study the manual, it’s not as complex as it look - even the dip switched on back aren’t as scary as you think. chase bliss is a beast of a company.

dd6: BRRRRRRRRR BWEp BWEP BWEP BWEP BWEP DUDUDUDUDUDUD sCREEEEEEEEEEEE this is the melt banana stutter, this is the tera melos stutter, this is the classic. also a dope delay in it’s own right, reverse mode, warp mode lets you set a mellow delay and hold the switch to make it swell, 4 delay length settings with tap tempo mode (bit janky tbh, that is better on the 7 but other parts of the 7 arent as good such as hold mode which is back to dd3 style) all around this is, y’know, again, if you hate digi delays you probably won’t be swayed by this thing, if you love em, this is one of those damn classic boss delays. get it on your BOARD ya putz

radial DI is good. canada engineering, pure utility, could probably live through a nuke, if you need a single di unit buy one just do it. if you need a bunch of di buy 10. solid shit.

also moog exp pedal i just picked up too, great so far, solid, feels good, using it with the tensor for that sweet sweet tape stop. inexpensive and moog quality.



Looks nice, ghytman. I sold my hardware in favor of going in the box, but I never had anything quite as fancy as these. It’s porn to my eyes

yee i feel you, ITB just doesn’t cut it on stage with a bass in my hands though. some of the new multiFX units like helix or fractal (they all have fuckin names like that tho) actually sound pretty sick, and I’ve been curious about these kemper profiling amps I’ve seen around. basically you can use it to clone any amp you can get access to play for a few minutes, which is dope as fuck and I’d love to collect some profiles of a few vintage amps one day with it.

but yeah i do stare at this thing a lot too. ooo shiny

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Friend of mine has one pedal. It is delay pedal.

which one??? don’t leave us hangin

He told me he has a distortion pedal too and electronic bass guitar processor smt like this.:smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley:

He asks what do you think about this delay pedal?

I have the HX Effects and can’t complain. Maybe I just need to get better at programming the HX, idk. I don’t play live, so really I ought to just stick to doing my effects ITB so I can get the exact routing I want, which is where the HX lets me down sometimes. You “only” get two effects paths and they can’t be completely independent of each other that I’m aware of. So you can do really good chains, but only linear or very close to it. I guess not so much of a problem in pedal world, but in multi-fx land kinda limiting.

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yeah it’s definitely oriented towards a stage style player i think, and less towards a production mindset. still a great tool tho for sure.

lmao i used to have one that looked exactly like that but i think with a different brand! pretty sure the owner of the shop i got it at just picked up a generic chinese pedal and stuck his brand on it, but if it’s the same one i used to have, you can get some WILD feedback out of it

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the plumes is perfect for the low to mid level crunch i wanted it for, i have three flavors of gnarly high gain and another if i dial in just the square wave on the data corrupter(technically a square synth but the effect is like that of a fuzz cranked to 11x11) so i wanted a more subtle tone pedal, particularly for bass for dirty tracks with overdrive bass tones

also i have a real power supply and finally some strymon love on board, the thing didn’t wanna stay velcroed to the bottom so it got promoted to topside since i don’t have a real way to fill that funny shaped gap in the center. it fit perfectly snug in that little gap.

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Hi all, I like to build pedals from time to time, here’s one of my old creations, the Motormouse®!
It’s simply a RAT (original specs) with a couple of addictions: a switch to change the clipping diodes from Si to red led (rising the clipping treshold like in the turbo rat) and another to lower the high pass to around 500hz (in pre-gain, the stock version cuts sligthly above 1000 if I can recall correctly).
Those simple two options and their combination with the gain control and the lp filter make the pedal much more versatile, e.g. with the “fat” eq, the leds engaged and high gain it sounds almost like a fuzz, or same config, but with very low gain sounds to me very “orange” (the amp maker) etc.

Note, the “spaghetti incident” in the guts is from the WiP, I rewired this a bit better now!


Love a good RAT clone. What IC are you using? Original 308, 5534, or TL071?

For this build I used the original 308, but I’ve got to admit that the the old LM741 that I tried (without the fancy high pass loop) sound almost as good as the original, impossible to distinguish when not playing guitar alone.
I didn’t like the classic TL071, too harsh to my ears!

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My board currently has:

  • Boss Tu-3
  • Fulldrive 2
  • Line6 DL4
  • Neunaber Immerse Reverb

I haven’t really explored pedals much, these are just the pieces that happened to come my way over the years and turned out to be a serviceable setup. Combined with a tube amp can get in the ballpark for most rock/blues cover band guitar sounds.

Next purchase would probably be a more characterful distortion - maybe a bit-crusher? Ideally want something to use with synths (ms20, volcas) as well as maybe for weirder guitar stuff. Open to suggestions.

Also want to pick up a vibrato/tremolo, but that would be more for blues guitar stuff rather than synths.


idk if you found it yet but if you want a unique distortion, plasma pedal