The Original Promotion Mega Thread


If parking is expensive could possibly take public transit?


probably crossing into the unknown “promote your music” unmade thread territory, but

on topic, maybe a soundcloud link on these stickers would be more effective than bandcamp, should it be marketed towards college kids


I think the ideal would be an artist name they could easily google and find you on multiple platforms. That being said, when you get stickers printed, you can get info printed on the disposable part. All they have to do is find you once somewhere and follow. When you pin them up just pin up one backwards and one forwards.


BTW, now it is the original promotion mega thread, so say whatever ya want you mad cunts.



Release all of your music on floppy discs. There’s not a single reason not to


check out my lossless floppy release


That sweet sweet 2 kbs music…


So… now that this thread is about promotion in general, and especially now that it’s MEGA! (Make Electronica Great Again?”…

Pros and cons of Tunecore vs Distrokid , CD Baby etc. :thinking:


That’s why my actual producer name is Luciferwithcurls

I got it reserved everywhere and it’s an easy name to remember.


I dont see anything wrong with it, might be cool. You’ve listened to Master Boot Record? He models his albums as programs


Yeah, I love his tunes! I feel like he does limited runs on weird formats too, but I bet most are collected and the digital versions are actually the ones being played