The Official Production Live Stream Thread

Not sure if this should go here, or in community projects? We should do some live streams of our music production and talk bullshit about our workflow!

That being said, If anyone else didn’t see it in the other thread, here’s a link to my twitch. I’m going to be streaming some of my JAWM sessions here, and maybe some other stuff for fun, in the name of IDMf.

Lets see how you handle amateur hour in your own studio!


Interesting… makes me want to get some work done… so… inspiring!

Thank you for sharing

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Thanks! I’ll be back at it next weekend. Had a surprising amount of viewers at certain times, was cool to see. Fun to produce some shenanigans live. Made me put in some extra effort haha, I think the track is shaping up nicely.

First stream was a resounding success, thanks for all who checked it out. Gonna look at how twitch saves the videos so they will be watchable later… good times!


Yeah. How can we see this after the fact?

Ah, I needed to have archiving turned on in twitch. Boo, I’ll definitely set i up to save next time :slight_smile:

Someone else should stream some production too!

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Gonna be streaming a new project file, fresh remix using @metaside 's stems from Kallisti tomorrow. JAWM remix time. Should be a pretty cool for my regular amateur hour. Stream probably starting 6-7PM MST. I’ll post the twitch link here if anyone is interested.

I also figured out how to get twitch to save the video, so if all goes well this will be watchable later too. :+1:

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Aaand, live again! Doing metaside’s remix tonight :slight_smile: wish me luck.

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Awesome work on the remix :smiley:

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wide success! I think you guys can all see the saved stream now. Hopefully it was fun/cool to spectate, definitely going to be continuing more in the unofficial IDMf namesake… good times ahead. thanks to anybody that tuned in. The track is sucking monster dicks right now but kind of becoming something viable.



I was tuning in and out and as I was going about my evening. Cool stuff. Definitely keep doing these. Don’t know if you are taking requests or if you were planning on doing this for any of the tracks for JAWM, but I would love to see your process for doing intricate breakcore beats in particular. Breaks slicing style, rather than one shot sequencing especially. Do you tend to think like a drummer and plan stuff out in your head - I have this much space here and I know I can fit this many 16th tripplets or that this jungl-y duga-duga would flow into this next hit - that kind of stuff? Or is it still more about just moving shit around and listening and tweaking, sort of semi-randomly? Would love to see a video on that.

Good idea, next stream I’ll focus on making some crazy breakcore drums from sampling. Normally on some remixes I’ll bring in my own drum samples and go that route, and I still might with the metaside remix… But yeah it’s a lot of wave slicing and arrangement haha.

YouTube sucks balls, but I managed to figure out how to export my streams so they will be saved forever in the depths of the web, never to be watched :slight_smile: surprised at how high definition the audio and video capture translated!


Going live on twitch again, see if I can’t do some breakcore drums and something cool with this metaside remix before I destroy it all from orbit :slight_smile:

(sorry if this thread seems spammy)

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Really nice work again, love that remix already!

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Thanks man :slight_smile: reaaally need to figure out how to use my studio monitor headphones while doing production, this gaming headset is totally different sounding than the stream, so the levels are all messed up. The drums in the stream were way louder than I could hear so I was cranking diff stuff up.

Either way, getting somewhere neat… was always fun to work on. Tonssss of good stuff in these stems <3

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At it again to show of some of the more final steps and finished aspects of this remix, hopefully polishing it for a short bit on stream.

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Can’t watch the 3rd video for some reason…

Yeah, I ended up taking the stream down because I think I’m going to edit it down after talking about how it’s running a little long and redundant. This was to be the final part to show, kind of some last polish work… so I might take all three videos, condense them and edit them for a youtube posting and keep the full streams on twitch.

I had some flubs, too, and I don’t wanna look TOTALLY incompetent behind the DAW wheel… which, a lot of the time I am, and to be honest, a lot of my experimental mistakes are cause for some of the more cool sounds that come out of stuff, haha.

Besides, given the deadline for this Im going to focus on finishing it now instead of a stream, but I might do another pre-recorded recap to edit all together as a behind the scenes.

I think I will also render a drums-only track and post it in case anybody wants to use them, seems like there could be some fun things to do with breakcore perks. :slight_smile:

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Ah, thought it was a technical error. And nice idea to upload the drum stems! Love the microediting you did, really looking forward to hearing the final remix :smiley:

How do you get the screen capture video? Is there a software for that? Thx.

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