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Amazon’s slogan should be, “Walmart, delivered!”


In some ways possibly worse because not only do their warehouses have serious quality of life issues, at the least, Amazon outsources a huge swath of its work and repeatedly cites that it A) isn’t them, and B) contracted employees of an outsourced company have an Amazon help line to submit complaints.

A) = We’re not to blame, only the people we keep contracting.
B) = If employees are suffering, it’s their fault for not using the help line.



Saw that last year and it scared the bejesus out of me. Thought about it and realized that Amazon basically made their own shopping season in the middle of July in about 5 years cuz they felt like it and it scared the bejesus out of me. Every time I buy something on Amazon I’m a little dissappointed in myself. Haven’t gone there for anything music yet, at least.

I have a friend who started driving delivery for them last month, checked in after a week and he was liking it. Need to check in again and see how he’s doing, but he dropped out of college and has higher take-home pay and equal benefits to me, a college grad. Maybe he’s just lucky, IDK, but I intend to keep an eye on him.


For drivers, the biggest issues seem to be with outsourced contracted companies.

Amazon doesn’t seem to have a strong policy control of work conditions for them.

I haven’t seen as much on drivers directly under Amazon. Mostly the direct employee issues I see here are at warehouses.



A nerd legend bites the dust. R.I.P. DC Fontana, thanks for the super nerding.



So this happened today.


I’ve been looking for someone to come terminate my shit


I’m not a plumber but let me know how I can help.


Don’t call me Shirley. :wink:


Who are you and how did you get in here?


The last one out forgots to lock the gate behind them!


Why has no one created a topic about the new year? Or do you English speakers celebrate Christmas, not New Year? We just have everything on this topic since December 1!


You don’t get around much.


Tried this out for the first time at the recommendation of a colleague:

Bit expensive but great. Sorry veggies, nothing here for you.


Offtopic folks, my old account got deleted, how do i contact ben or whoever else is in charge of things these days? Same Twilitez here that featured on Change the noise comp 38

The Sci-Fi Thread

As a bit of proof of life i fondly remember having a mess of samples lined up on a friday night before submission and looking for a kick anxiously in these weird kitchen samples, then feeling great after actually managing to do so, after which the whole track suddenly kinda clicked and probably made it into the comp based on ben’s vote mostly.


Ben? He self-destructed long ago. These aren’t the same old forums from that time. New software platform and unfortunately we weren’t able to bring across the old forum data. So I don’t think anyone has deleted your account as everyone had to create new accounts for the new Discourse forum.

And welcome back :slight_smile:




i think that im starting to have an eating disorder cant seem to find the right balance.


It so happened that I don’t have a MIDI controller now And what I did: I installed TouchOsc on android and now I have a MIDI controller. I am very happy. I do not even want to buy a MIDI controller, because what I need is to turn the faders through the phone.