The Next IDMf release: a small poll - CLOSED

Hey all, as the title says, we are setting up for our next comp release and have narrowed things down to two particular options:

  1. An open comp. We have not done one in a while and felt it would be a great time to let people submit what they want without restrictions.
  2. A comp based around the recently released samples from the CERN project:
    This is interesting not only for the samples but from an exposure point of view as there is interest in the provider of the samples to promote/mention/whatever projects that use them.

So, what do you all think? Whichever idea gets the most backing will be the next group release for the label, and as long as the 2nd gets some love too, it could follow later. No hard close date on the poll, but let’s see what kind of response we get in a week (so by October 5).

  • Open Comp
  • CERN Sample project

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I’m not a fan of the samples so I’m going to go with the other option.

Hey wait, the other option is way better anyway. 2fer1

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IDMf VA comps often make life worth living because of their sheer awesomeness.

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Definitely CERN samples. An open comp can be done any time without any particular reason. So if there’s a more interesting idea, especially with any kind of “time-sensitive relevant” factor, so to speak, then gotta jump on that.

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How about an open genre using the CERN samples. Having had a quick listen to them, and knowing the kind of music that we all make. I think it could end up being a very interesting comp. Although I think you would want it so that the samples you use are recognizable in the track. Maybe trim down the pack a bit too, as alot of the samples sound pretty much the same.

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Are mods allowed to alter the poll results to fit their preference?

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It’s not like we could do anything about it, right?

I think open genre is what we would aim for in any case as long as you can keep the samples somewhat recognizable (I know there are people who won’t, but that’s IDM man!). But my concern was that we just made a beat battle into a release, so the prior album is also based around samples, cool and varied and open genre as that may also be. This will probably be the last thing to come out this year, so we want to get the forums excited and invigorated for it. And if that means we have to push off the promo that could come with the CERN samples then we’re willing to take the hit.

We have seen a decent upward trajectory in how our albums are doing throughout this year. We’ve almost made enough money on bandcamp in 4 months since buying soundcloud pro to cover that cost for the year. We would like the extra promo, it would be nice, but the fact is we’re also doing fine without it.

The most important thing is that the forums are excited for what we’re doing. That’s still the biggest predictor of how an album is going to do out there in the wild. So if people want an open comp more than samples that may give us some extra exposure, we’re going to go with what the people want because that matters most.


I’m not overly worried either way really. Having listened through them again, There is stuff you can make bases, leads and drum sounds. Hell. There’s even a riser in there.I’m not talking only using samples, but more incorporating some into your track. Remember my sampling capabilities consist of a Yamaha SU200, and that’s it. Which is why the beat battles are not something I can easily do, but i would be up for incorporating some into a track, if that was the way things go.

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if you mean alter by casting a vote, then of course! :grin:

Just do both under same release. Whoever wants a harder mode they can use those samples, if rest don’t find them that inspiring they can ignore them and just do things independently. However, this future compilation should have a strong concept, something related to CERN (because of the samples that can be used or not) so I guess science/technology/machinery? I think it’s a great concept. In that way submissions somewhat will feel related to each other despite genre differences, not just random tracks from everyone’s WIP vaults. It needs less of limitations. More submissions = better final product.


Nah. It’s pretty obvious where things are headed, so, teacher, leave those samples alone. Save them for the next Beat Battle where people can do them justice.

Might be an interesting option for another Beat battle with rules and stuff for sure! But that doesn’t mean there couldn’t also be a label release with the CERN samples at a later point that doesn’t have to have strict rules. We could even say that tracks can either use the CERN project as a general inspiration or use the samples. I think that might be interesting, but for now - yeah, it seems to be pretty clear the community wants a no-whatever open genre compi next ^^

Who can enter these comp releases? New here :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

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Any forum members, no seniority or tenure around here.

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It should be mentioned, that we do bother to check the validity of unfamiliar submissions according to the following concepts:

  1. Checking that the submission comes from a registered member (as @White_Noise stated; no seniority or tenure requirements).
  2. Checking that the submitter has shown some level of interaction within the community This does not mean they have to have posted - we look at all activity showing interaction metrics. What it means is we’re checking for just “technically present” (registered with no, or almost no, activity), and spam registrations/submissions.
  3. And finally, when we have questions, we reach out privately to the submitter for clarification, and if there is still some uncertainty, then the label team discusses the matter and comes to a decision regarding the submission.



I have updated the Submission Policy posting to include the “Who May Submit” information before the “How to Submit” information.

IDMf Netlabel Demo Submission Policy


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I just double checked (for a friend) and mods can’t alter poll results like they could on the IDMf of old times.
My friend said democracy sucks…

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A friend told me mods could make spam accounts and fill the poll with votes of their choice because democracy is fragile.