The most annoying sounds

K, go…

Ultimate misophonia trigger thread, nice.

Does this weird gremlin creature count?


Possibly. But I hear no sound from your picture. :cry:

that dj horn sound is possibly the most annoying sound in the world no competition

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then there’s this

and that

That first one is pretty meh. If I’m adding scratches to anything I make. I better have a turntable to make them.

vocal fry

Everything that I upload onto bandcamp

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What happens at 12:34 man

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five, usually

and tequila

Five fingers to the face.

That would definitely have to be up there with the most annoying sounds

Lyrics. I hate lyrics.

Me throat singing whilst beatboxing with my digeridoo as an amplifier…instant wubz

And me playing my African handrum

And me singing…cant get any worse than that.