The mastering challenge thread

Thread for the mastering challenge.

[Aka fids idea]


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Neato :slight_smile:

Gotta get clearance from @RFJ and @Manton first but this could be an interesting project for sure. I know some of you guys would probably blow my mastering out of the water.

I’ll provide a list of what I have stored soon.

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fuck yeah… there’s a lot more.


Dude, I never knew GBSR stood for Good Behavior Sex Reward. On that note Give It To The Drummer was the first Netlabel track I ever heard. It’s still one of my favorites to this day.


Haha I don’t think anyone knew! He never really explained the story behind it. I believe I found out what it stood for when he submitted this track to the album.

Yeah man I love that track, also one of my favorites. I seem to remember Benwaa telling me that track was a huge challenge to master (paraphrasing the much more colorful language he used haha) but tbh all past drama aside I think Ben did a good job on that album as a whole. Would be interesting to hear other people’s take on that one – hell I might take a crack at it.

Talking about GBSR made me wanna reach out to him and say hi. This process of getting back my HD has made me wanna contact a lot of people. I feel like I’ve gotten a piece of my life back.