The Logic Pro Thread

Noticed there was no place to talk about Logic Pro.

I myself having been using it since about 1997, and switched to ProTools in the 2000’s for a while.

Studied and became certified as a user by Apple Inc. while attending the Conservatory Of Recording Arts & Science. As well as gained certification as a trainer. While I do not pride myself on “knowing it all”, I am happy to learn, grow, and share what I know.

Any other logic users out there?

I’m a Logic Pro X amateur.

I only use it for recording, tracking, mixdown, and “mastering” (should call it amateuring or Ozone-preset-applying)

I’ve been using Logic since 2009. It’s pretty good but I wouldn’t use it if I was starting over. I found it to be the most intuitive of the DAWs and for $200 it’s not a bad option.

My workflow got a lot better when I got a big fast harddrive and started right clicking on my midi loops and rendering them to audio tracks and got scissoring.

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Oh the scissoring! Do you make use of cut by transient functions?

No I just cut at the waveform where I need it.

@Hygro here is another video based on using transient editor key commands. Always found using logics internal transient algorithm detector as a really quick way to edit waveforms.

are you familiar with all these are just prefer not to and just rather cut the waveform bit by bit on your own?

Sounds intriguing but where’s the video?

Sorry don’t know why I didn’t add the link originally. I edited the post to include the link.

I like their improvements in audio editing processing over how it was back in in version 7, when I used it last.

I still don’t use it too often because it feels like a CPU chomper and my workflow seems a lot more fluid in Ableton, especially after my several year hiatus from Logic…

yeah it can be a CPU monster! but so can any d.a.w. if your overloading the processor!

Ableton is extremely easy to use, flexible and can be slaved by logic! Whatever workstation works best for you, I hope it serves you well! :metal:t5: