The Knifonium - actually accurate 26-tube analog synth modelization by Brainworx

I typed it into the search box and it gave me no results so here it is.

Knif Audio made the Knifonium a while ago. The idea is to place a tube in every stage of the signal, more or less. So we have 26 tubes for a beautiful sounding analog monophonic synth, for the price of 17500$ with a 2 years list. I watched a lot of demos at the time and the sound was amazing. Every knob you turn gives you crazy variations, it has a signature sound.

(It’s not a tube debate, I’m just sayin)

So when the plugin was released, I watched demos, and I didn’t think a plugin could sound like this. Knif Audio said it was surprising to listen to this, as it really transcribes the behavior of their instrument.

The synth and the added onboard FXs are insane, and they decided to make it polyphonic.

I’m overusing it since I have it, I never used something like this, it’s really amazing

Long story short : TRY IT

I’m not that much into hardware and emulations, it’s pretty expensive and I think all the demo stuff I heard had a lot of reverb/delay on it, so it doesn’t interest me that much. However, a pro audio engineer I know likes it a lot, too…

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it’s exactly what i thought when i 1st heard the demo … i was wandering if it was further processed for marketing purpose ( no big deal here ) … the sound somehow unheard on any other vst … specially for the pads, this plugin really sounds different … it’s not as fat as some other vst’s for bass but still … it’s on my wishlist, as a Thorn 2 user i got a special license offer for 99 bucks so i might get it soon … would be great if you could post some demo samples of it.

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Just for a future reference. PA stuff might look overpriced as hell but then they drop $29.99 deals for each plugin, just excluding latest releases. The point is, never get those for a full price because there always will be an option to get them cheaper. You know how it goes, just wait for a while. Black Friday has ended but they do this kind of often.

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Yeah you’re right, i guess i should wait for an other 29.99 offer. I’ve downloaded a 14 days trial. I’ll tweak & resample it for now. The demo version allows patch save. After an hr or so , i can say that for pads, this plugin is killer.

I got their brilliant Oberhausen for 29.99 last week.

I’ll get Knifonium as soon as they do a 29.99 deal for it.


Yeah, please post here when they have a deal like that, I’m not checking their site often anymore since I got the 3-4 plugins I really had to have for a nice price, but I might get Knifonium at that price, too…

I might get wrong but i think, most of their 29.99 offers are in November or around this time of the year. Just before the Black friday.
& the cool thing is that we can offer our coupons to other users, friends etc etc … i got 2 in November & i kept receiving others, like an extra 2 or 3 so i gave them away to a friend, & it worked actually.

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Yeah, I think it takes a while that the price drops that much, they try to keep the prices up for a while IIRC - maybe next Black Friday or some other sale next year. I have more VSTis than needed for the time I can spend on music rn, so I can wait… ^^

i’ve just been to and got the brilliant cableguys DriveShaper plugin for free, its usually £40.

I used the code zn1v9 at the checkout, from what i gather that code will last til the end of december.

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Yeah, not sure what’s the relation to Knifonium, but Cableguys are awesome. For users of Shaperbox 2, Driveshaper was completely free, and that wasn’t the first Shaper I got for free from them!

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Today only
Plugin alliance website
Get Knifonium for $39.99
Offer code = KNIF-3999

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I already had a loyalty voucher so got it for £13.58

Just waiting for the Townhouse buss compressor to go on sale now.
I’ve left it in my basket to drop hint to any algorithm that maybe listening :rofl:

Damn that’s faster than expected haha!

I saw the voucher the day before I got paid x) I’m busy with new things these days so I won’t really use it, but my demo ran out and if no new sale happens months to come, I might use that plugin-alliance 12 months deal.