The Jazz thread

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These are a few of my favorites off the top of my head, but there’s many more I don’t know the names of. I only listen to two stations in my car, and one of them is KJazz, so I get around.

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So awesome!!! What an amazing flow. That guy drives a band like nobody else. That’s why the put the drums up front when Buddy plays. :drum:

I really like the way he did a “do over” at the beginning… even though the first take was great it was just loose and jazzy enough that it needed a bit of “military” … the second take was spot on and the band snapped to!

By the way … sheer coincidence… I met the sax player recently at Kulak’s Woodshed. I’ve been polishing up my singer songwriter guitarist skills there. :sunglasses:

He told me a Cliff Notes version of his life’s story… “ my name is Clarance … I’m 71 … I used to be famous… gave it all up cause I got tired of it. Once the money was gone I lost all three of my girlfriends on the same day… all walking away together sayin “you not a big man… you a little man.” One day i met this beautiful African woman in a long flowing lime green gown with a lime green turban with an orange stripe… I told her I was a big man… she said “you a African King :crown: from the Gombe tribe” I said is that a big tribe in Africa.? She said “yep… and someday … maybe … you Gombe somebody…” and she walked away just like my girlfriends…

He played the hell out of the saxophone. :saxophone:

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Thank you @White_Noise ! Sunset and the Mocking Bird… what a smooth tune.

While the Mrs and I were living at 9th and Broadway in Downtown LA for 11 years we had the radio on The one Jazz station … KLON Long Beach. They played that tune every evening. Love :two_hearts: it…

I’ll be in chicago next month hoping to catch some free jazzers there

digging the music of alvin fielder, drummer who died in January, huge inspiration and mentor for a lot of young musicians in chicago and new orleans as the cofounder of the Louis Satchmo Armstrong Jazz Camp. Explorations in space and silence in a free environment

Thelonious Monk.

Love Art Pepper too. Guy was in Jail more than he was free and when he was free he liked to put needles in his arm and play the shit out of the sax.

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Got my hands on this album from 1974. I’ve never been into fusion jazz but this one is messy enough that I’m enjoying this with a smile on my face. Best version of Freedom Jazz Dance so far

check out that moog solo ; so ecstatic

Love sax. Here are some of my favorite songs -

Monk was a rare type of Genius. Every piece a gem of originality.

Once a radio host made the observation that “Monk made even the wrong notes sound good…” Monk called the station and said “Tell that guy on the radio, the piano ain’t got no wrong notes.”

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