The "in the box" vs "outside the box" aka hardware vs software thread

Just wondering how peoples processes differ when using software as opposed to using hardware…and curious about how people use both in conjunction…

Hardware: OK, I’m going to pick up a better EQ next week with more bands because my rig obviously needs it.

Software: Whoa, TDR Nova is free?

You couldn’t pay me to go back to hardware. Even if I had the money, which I don’t :grin:


I tend to leave my software stuff more open-ended on where I can go with it. Whether it be rewrites or re-instrumenting, etc.

As for hardware, I tend to get a few takes or so down and then record to audio. From there I do edits and such. Software doesn’t always get that treatment.

As I only use hardware. The thing I find is you need to put more thought into your sounds and how they sit with each other. Unlike software, you can’t go sticking an EQ on everything or a compressor. Although I fail to see much point in putting compressors on electronic instruments, as their dynamics are static and easier to control than acoustic instruments. I don’t EQ or compress anything, bar some light compression on my vocals. Using mono outs and creative panning can work wonders.

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I really enjoy having and using my analog hardware synths. I have no excuse for it. I have midi controllers and could set them up to act and sound the same with software synths, in fact I often do. Its my money so whatevs.

Maybe my little excuse is that it is a little easier to run them through guitar amps which I usually do.
And another things is I feel like I’m really bad at recording a perfectly good take in MIDI and then editing a bunch of tiny aspects of it that don’t matter to anyone. If I just play the synth live recording to audio and step away from it, I couldn’t tell you what was wrong with the take.