The "I'm procrastinating work" thread

So, its Tuesday, I’m working from home, and I’m tired of staring at code.

Here is a gem I generated from the Cyanide And Happiness RCG

I’m thinking about posting a new one every day, for your pleasure, of course. Feel free to contribute with whatever.
Happy Tuesday.


freakin’ love CandH, feel free to carry on, you have official admin approval lol

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Two seals of approval


Bought from the artist. On my wall, above my monitor


Truly the story of existence.

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Nice grab!


I stayed up WAYYYYY too fucking late, and I am so damn tired…

Here’s some ridiculous shit.

Happy Wednesday.

that one is almost as bad as the animated one in the dentist :face_vomiting:

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Damn… I almost forgot to give this to you guys… that would have been bad…

Happy Thursday

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To distract you…Sting in metal underwear


Hmm… I’m at moms having dinner. I made some cocktails (a hobby of mine) and am a little schnockered. Anyway, here is this

Happy Friday!

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You know, I saw this again today and I found myself wondering if that would be a good set of undies to wear to a brawl.

Protect the jewels
Battle in style
Your friends will be jealous
Sting wore them

May restrict mobility
Chafing is real
May not be able to remove without assistance

What do you guys think? Would you don this diaper to a duel?

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Well It’s Monday again, and that means it’s time to once again proclaim my love for IDMF with a sacrifice.

I hope your weekend was passable.

Happy Monday.

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I think it wouldnt be ideal for battle lol. Looks like you could cit your hips on it. Besides Im not Sting skinny. Mine would be even heavier lol

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Me coming back to this thread after forever like…

Happy Thursday.


Hello, It’s been a while…

… This seemed relevant in multiple ways…

Happy Monday!

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Ha. I feel precisely the same today - developer’s woes and all. Sleep has been this illusive concept just out of grasp for the past five days.

In which corner of the software engineering world are you primarily situated, then?

(P.S., you may want to update your contact email on SC, your domain appears to have expired: :stuck_out_tongue: )

Huh. There’s an MX record:

Curious: do you still own the domain? If so, do you get money for ads displayed on that parking page?

I currently work as a full stack developer using react redux and javascript/TS at an organization that makes e-commerce marketplace growth software. Its been pretty nice as they transitioned to optional full-time remote work as of recent (for obvious reasons) so i’ve been enjoying that at least… Sounds like it will be a permanent thing even after this covid stuff passes.

I do still own the domain and it is not expired, it is just parked as I have not had time to create the website yet (I only have so much free time and it just hasn’t been a priority).

The e-mail is still correct and working (just did a test to confirm).

No I do not get paid for those parking adds.

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Oh cool - glad to see another fellow developer here. I too deal mainly with full-stack web work, though Vue/TS. Currently building/maintaining a corporate document editing platform, rolling out soon as a digital menu editing platform for restaurants and hospitality.

Working from home has been interesting, and enlightening. I thought that I might not feel sufficiently motivated when not in a place of work to just get on with it. My fears were unfounded! I was pleasantly surprised with how the days when by. It’s nice to be able to take a little break, and just work it off later in the date, when I feel I need a rest.

Were you a proponent of home working before all this? It sounds like you at least worked from home part-time when you could.

Yeah I get the time aspect. I think it’s harder for creative types with a career profession other than their primary creative outlet, as creative endeavours are typically long, and deeply meaningful and necessary. Even further for extroverted creatives because regular social contact is also a thing! :stuck_out_tongue:

Can’t imagine it gets many interactions either, though I imagine the collective ad revenue is huge for domain parking companies.

Anyway, I’ll see ya around here!

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