The "I'm procrastinating work" thread


So, its Tuesday, I’m working from home, and I’m tired of staring at code.

Here is a gem I generated from the Cyanide And Happiness RCG

I’m thinking about posting a new one every day, for your pleasure, of course. Feel free to contribute with whatever.
Happy Tuesday.


freakin’ love CandH, feel free to carry on, you have official admin approval lol


Two seals of approval


Bought from the artist. On my wall, above my monitor


Truly the story of existence.


Nice grab!


I stayed up WAYYYYY too fucking late, and I am so damn tired…

Here’s some ridiculous shit.

Happy Wednesday.


that one is almost as bad as the animated one in the dentist :face_vomiting:


Damn… I almost forgot to give this to you guys… that would have been bad…

Happy Thursday


To distract you…Sting in metal underwear


Hmm… I’m at moms having dinner. I made some cocktails (a hobby of mine) and am a little schnockered. Anyway, here is this

Happy Friday!


You know, I saw this again today and I found myself wondering if that would be a good set of undies to wear to a brawl.

Protect the jewels
Battle in style
Your friends will be jealous
Sting wore them

May restrict mobility
Chafing is real
May not be able to remove without assistance

What do you guys think? Would you don this diaper to a duel?


Well It’s Monday again, and that means it’s time to once again proclaim my love for IDMF with a sacrifice.

I hope your weekend was passable.

Happy Monday.


I think it wouldnt be ideal for battle lol. Looks like you could cit your hips on it. Besides Im not Sting skinny. Mine would be even heavier lol


Me coming back to this thread after forever like…

Happy Thursday.