The IDMf video diary thread

I loved the vids that were being made in the old forum before its death, so I’m going to try to keep it alive. I have no idea if I make any sense in this, considering I’m talking to nobody and just trying to get the ball rolling.


Remember when i went thru that phase where i only used your really old Avatar pictures? Its cus youre so damn cool lmao this video is great, your beard is as full as ever! Are you still in the states now?

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HOLY FUCK, yeah I kind of remember that. I think I complained to the mods or something?? Jesus. I still got all those avatars saved. :stuck_out_tongue:

Beard is halfway to full strength. :stuck_out_tongue: It’s in the awkward halfway point right now. Two more months. It’s been a while since I’ve had some facial hair, so I’m enjoying it.

Been running around the States for the past three years. You must have missed out on my desert adventures. Currently surviving a Midwest winter.

Also @nose, wish I hit you up for a visit when I was living in Moab. Can’t believe I missed that opportunity. Even visited SLC twice (that city is fucking WEIRD, dude…). Oh well!

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Yeah! Fuck wish I wasn’t on hiatus from the forum in that era. Sure we would have jammed like crazy and kicked off something dope.

Nice video bro, gonna have to do one now. Really enjoyed that, was cool to hear you ramble about your opinions on the new forum and rebirth and such. Keep this going for sure…

…I’ve always advocated for our members to get more open, streaming, sharing whatever… Cool stuff. Totally understandable from those who want to keep their identity behind their music, of course, but I encourage any of you glorious bastards to hop on some chat, voice comms, streams, whatever… it’s fun :slight_smile:

Good idea V, here’s my contribution:

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Holy crap, those are some good thoughts. You managed to articulate the things I have in my head in a clear and concise manor all while people talk and sneeze in the room next to you (I cannot multitask for the life of me. Had to turn off Bobby Darin I had playing while I was talking and add some royalty free music for my video because I couldn’t concentrate).

“People here listen to anything, from Merzbow to Napalm Death” :rofl::rofl:

Fucking metalhead. :stuck_out_tongue:

Really cool and motivational stuff.

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haha thanks man! Metalhead problems. I was drawing a blank and more or less not wanting to stutter or pause and say “Ummmm” for like five minutes like I normally do. Was fun to make, I’ll definitely have a period update every now and again.

I recently roadtripped across the US in my 1987 Nissan and filmed everything for my youtube, thats about as close to a video diary as ill ever get.
Enjoy my awfully photoshopped thumbnails