The IDMf Netlabel now has SoundCloud Pro


Good evening all,

The Netlabel team would like to let you all know that we have decided to spruce up this operation with a small but strategically allocated expense and have upgraded the Netlabel Soundcloud to a pro account. This carries many advantages for everyone, not the least of which is, we no longer have to drop old tracks to add new ones. Plus we get a shiny star. Check it out yourselves:
Drunk on the power of our new shiny star and the awesomeness it brings, we have also decided to start loading the albums from Bandcamp over, and additionally will be kicking off something called Throwback Thursdays, where we highlight an older album out of the massive IDMf catalogue on our SC page. The album choices will be “strategically random” if that makes sense. Probably not. In general it will be random picks, but we are open to suggestions/requests and may make some choices based on relevance to current label or forum projects. At this point, the cycle of which Thursdays is a bit up in the air. Probably not every Thursday. Maybe. I dunno. Don’t fell like telling. Just stay tuned.

That is all, carry on.


I feel bad for the person who has to upload that entire catalog right now


that would be @Nostromer :smiley:


Yeah, but he’s going to have the best collection of IDMf tracks from it. Maybe ever. That was my selling point to make anyone but me do it.


This is what macro scripting was invented for. :stuck_out_tongue:



My ISP is going to love my upload rate this month :slight_smile:


Wish I could run my work connection at home.
Home’s 1Gbps by 50 Mbps, and while work’s download rate is 300Mbps, the upload is also 300Mbps, so while my home system is technically faster on the general consumer layer, I almost never actually have a moment of thinking about the internet speed at work, while at home it is actually possible to have moments where I twiddle my fingers and wish I had a better internet speed - especially when uploading media, or with some streaming content (though this is mostly due to set up than the actual speed not using what it’s got as efficiently as it could).

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I would actually cash in the 1Gig for a lower download in exchange for a higher upload in a heartbeat, but no one sells consumer services up here like that (which…I really wish you could pick your download separate from your upload values for your service). The 1Gig is actually laughably overkill. You simply don’t need that much speed (unless you’re splitting the service up across multiple devices which all use heavy UHD streaming) at the consumer level…it’s ridiculous. All you need is about a 100 x 100 connection and you’d be more than fine for pretty much everything. Most actions that you take won’t ever even hit 1Gig throughput, so you basically have a provisioned top end that is mostly unused…like driving a race car through New York city. Looks neat, mostly pointless practically speaking. Difference here is no one really cares that much about your internet speed like a fancy car.

Ridiculously high internet provisions are just a way to excuse cost expansion in the market because you can’t go down as the market itself goes up; so you have to find ways to generate upward revenue on a product that doesn’t nearly need as much upward advancement in capability as you as a company need out of it in terms of revenue. Which, ultimately, just spins around to become a bigger problem because 5% of any given ISPs userbase consumes 75% to 90% of the bandwidth, and they do this more and more the more you give these ridiculous packages that open up more and more speed that is assumed to mostly not be used, which then the network could handle no problem (like the electrical grid is set up like), but when you have these few in the population flooring it and chewing through, suddenly your bandwidth capability is far less. IPv6 provisioning helps to a considerable degree, but only so much. It doesn’t actually solve the core issue, and that core issue stems actually from providing way too much in speed than anyone actually typically needs on 95%+ circumstances and then gets radically consumed by a tiny population; and therefore you as an ISP run into bandwidth limitation issues, all because the internet as a gateway of access is being relied upon as a product in and of itself. If, for instance, Google and Amazon were everyone’s ISP, there wouldn’t inherently be a need for the access to the internet to be the product as having the access limited actually hurts companies like this more than it helps, so if the ISPs of the world were online content generators who gained their primary revenue through that online content, then we wouldn’t have this same issue…but…we do because we’re still in the remnants of the 20th century and tough shit.
Sorry…um…right, rant hat off. lol



I clicked and then unclicked that as fast as my internet would allow.


well tell us how you really feel. :stuck_out_tongue: True facts though. I never uploaded much back when I lived in the states…only for torrent seeds and such. That was over 10 years ago though…

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nowadays it definitely hurts sometimes trying to push the data through a small pipe. In contrast, at work I have a dedicated Gb connection to my secondary site in Spain and we use it all. Plus we are building a connection to Azure/O365 and have a separate connection for that that is 500Mb symmetrical…just finding ways to test that speed is a pain in the ass. There are precious few resources online that can push that kind of data, or accept it in upload. At the consumer level it is just ridiculous. Hell, 50 Symmetrical would do for most folks. I think I have 35/10 or something now…I rarely if ever notice a problem.


Subbed and loved!!!