The IDMf Netlabel Catalog & Updates


The IDMf Netlabel Catalog & Updates

The entirety of the IDMf Netlabel’s back catalog has been ported back to the forum. For the last several years new releases have been posted and discussed here but the back catalog has existed only on The IDMf Netlabel’s Bandcamp Page. Each release has been given it’s own thread which is housed within the IDMf Netlabel Releases section of the forum.

We heavily encourage all members, new and old, to have a listen through the release history. At one time the IDMf Netlabel touted itself as “the premier label on the internet for Independent Electronic Music Production.” Times have changed. The internet has changed. We have changed. However, one quick listen through the depths of the catalog will reveal, the quality of releases the IDMf Netlabel brought throughout the years, are second to none in it’s class.

For those of you who don’t know where to begin you can find 4 pinned releases at the top of the Netlabel Releases category that are a great place to start. This rich material deserves discussion, we’d love your feedback as you work your way through.