The how lame is anime thread (devils advocate anime critique)


I’m kind of the same way. There are some amazing works of fantasy and science fiction I love from the world of anime but I am way more willing to watching crappy live action stuff. I watched Dragon Ball Z pretty religiously in high school as the show was first being released in America on cable. I tried to come back to later as an adult and realized literally nothing fucking happens in most of the episodes. Its just dudes with flames around them making constipation grunts while “powering up.”


Amvs with linkin Park…omg…just do a rick astly amv already pls…anything but linkin Park and anime.

Visions of esclaflowne…have no idea wtf it was about…saw a movie basically 90s steampunk mecha meets narnia…don’t really remember this one…and my not remembering speaks for itself.

Fullmetal alchemist…allusions to ancient Persia east vs west and the nazi occult mysticism…with magical chemistry science and steampunk. I’m liek yeah I see the themes and plots but at the end of the day it’s another hodgepodge of a bullshit fantasy world that tries to allude to real life. Also did I mention it’s like an alternate universe of nazi but without discussing the nazi.

Ripping anime apart because reality…



I haven’t seen it in ages but I remember it being kind of horrific in its surreal-ness: Paprika


South Park isn’t perfect by any means…but boy do they lampoon things just right often enough!


Omfg these damn streaming services with dat fucking anime…

I watched the broly movie dragon ball super version…ok…no constipation…it was ok.

Now netflix be making spriggan modern redo…not to mention other shit…

Bleach anime is gonna wrap up with a new season of the thousand year blood war arc…and the comic book is gonna do a hell arc…

Naruto…then naruto shipoopin…then boruto omfg just end…ninjas then aliens then ninjas fighting aliens come on brah…

im just like nope dont care

Ruroni kenshin the beginning live action that was actually a pretty solid martial arts film im shocked in a good way.


Makes no sense


Dbz = inspiring bodybuilding

Naruto = how outcasts become popular and make friends and become powerful through togetherness and friendship. With the dark path being inspired by trauma and betrayal of trust, and selfish interpretation of peace, justice, power, and revenge. And how friendship and togetherness is the healer of all things.

Bleach = outcast breaks the mold of society and social mobility due to his own internal power…let your soul glo.

Lol im like…the real world doesnt work this way.


Dbs movie 2…
Bleach tybw…is out on hulu

I keep seeing anime shit on my ig trending feed…so lame…



I watched like 5 eps…

Then i canceled my hulu…

Because i felt like it was a complete waste of my time.


Fog hill of five elements…chinese anime.

Saw snippets of fight scenes…art is cool.

Cant say anything about the plot.

But alas no matter how cool it looks…i dont care anymore.